Benefits of Joining a Corp.

I’ve heard that their are benefits to being part of a corporation.  Could somebody give me a list of exactly what they are?

If they are indeed worth it, can somebody point me to a good corporation to join?  I personally need the corporation to be more flexible and not require anything serious from me.  There could be weeks where I don’t play star conflict, and I don’t use teamspeak.

Thank you!

I won’t exhaustively list all of the benefits - the gradual accumulation of responses to this thread will eventually shed light on all the possible benefits.

The first and foremost thing that a corporation gives you is a community of wingmen. Now that squads have been re-implemented into matchmaking, corporations provide pilots with mentors and wingmates to practice crucial teamwork skills with. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Communication
  • Focus fire (easily the most overpowered thing there is in this game, or any shooter game in general)
  • Ship positioning relative to teammates
  • Map awareness
  • Tactical decision-making
  • Ship picking and counterpicking
  • Team ship composition

You can argue that you can be a solo Rambo/DSR farmer. However, unless if you satisfied with simply killing n00bz all day, this is not exactly the way towards endgame, where almost all veterans are playing in corporation-exclusive events like Sector Conquest. Even the weekly T3 tournament wings are for the most part formed within corporations (NASA fields two to three wings - one or two RU and an EN wing).

Plus, I’ve seen very skilled solo Rambos get taken down by average pilots flying in a squad. It happens very frequently.

Learning how to play better, and generally having fun with mates, like in any MMO

The biggest benefit can be holding sectors with your corporation in sector conquests so you can collect taxes just like Donald Trump by winning PvP games.

Thanks.  I’ll defiantly consider it soon.  For now though I’ll stick going solo, my skills aren’t that great and I want to get them good enough to not let down a squad (i mostly play AI battles in Co-op).

What are some good corps to get into right now?

We’re going to need to know a little more about you before we can suggest corps. Timezone, goals, activity levels, and a screenshot of your ingame profile would be ideal.

Timezone is MST.  I don’t really have goals, other than I’d like to have some fun and play more PvP with a squad so I can get more credits and synergy.

I’m not highly skilled I just started playing this game 2 weeks ago.  My fleet strength is 4 right now.  My main aircraft are the rank 5 engineers and long range snipers, next my favorite is the Rank 8 command fighter in the empire.  It’s my most advanced craft I have right now.  I currently have rank 9 achilles, but I’m only using that as a temporary machine until i hit rank 10 and 11.

I’ll get that screenie as soon as I can.

It’s long and painful, but in the long run usually better to reach max level in every ship. At least in lower levels. It gives a nice boost to synergy gain. You can also reach rank 15 to get that implant and level up ships latter.

About corps, try to learn the main language spoken by its members and his timezone. US? I can’t help you find a corp in that timezone, maybe someone can tell us some corps in US with low requeriments in fleet strenght, number of PVP games… You should focus on finding a corp with low or no requirements. Keep in mind that you can change your corp later, so when you progress in the game and get better, you can search for another corp.


Btw, could be useful to have corps maintained by devs/GM or whatever with no requirements for new players until them reach rank 5? It could help new player retention.

That’s true.  I’ll probably do that first.  Right now my main priority is to get to rank 13-14, and build a rank 8 destroyer.

14 hours ago, Mecronmancer said:

We’re going to need to know a little more about you before we can suggest corps. Timezone, goals, activity levels, and a screenshot of your ingame profile would be ideal.

We also need a picture of yourself (real life) and one specifically focused at your balls xDD kidding xD welcome to SC ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)