Beginners Guide to Star Conflict


So i made this beginner guide listing all the stuff i made notes on while I was learning the game. I know most of you are probably going to think this is really obvious stuff but if I had this

guide I would of been able to approach this game a lot easier and I hope this will help other new players.




Each Faction Has Different Benefits


Empire ships have the strongest hull’s


Federation ships are the fastest


Jericho ships have the strongest shields


Each base has it’s own unique missions. You can change your  base by opening the map with M and then selecting the station. It will cost 40000 credits to warp to a new base. When you warp to a new base any missions you have active will be put on hold until you come back to the station you left


By doing missions for different factions you get loyalty points that can be used to upgrade modules for free. Instead of having to spend credits on them


Federation points can be used for engine upgrades


Empire points can be used for hull upgrades


Jericho points can be used for shield upgrades


Some faction points can be used to unlock specific upgrades which you can find in this link


[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/21874-mkiii-modules-loyalty-vouchers-costs/)




There are 3 bars in your HUD


The white one on the left is your energy


You can use energy to use abilities or to boost your speed with afterburners by pressing shift


The orange bar is your hull and blue is your shield


You should go into the options then to the HUD settings scroll down and check off the box that says “Incoming damage and effects” this will show numbers to the right of your shield bar that tell you how much and what type of damage you’re receiving


Yellow Numbers are Kinetic

Blue is EM

Red is Thermal

Green is healing


Some ships have abilities that let you change your resistance to a specific damage type. So, the incoming damage and effects display is helpful.


When you lock onto a target a white circle will appear (you can change this color in your HUD settings) This circle shows how far ahead of your target you have to aim so you will hit

your moving target.


Weapons that deal kinetic damage usually have to be shot in front of your target. Just aim in the targeting circle so both their ship and your shots will meet at the same moment.


Thermal weapons like beam cannons travel instantly so you don’t have to lead your shot. The targeting circle will stay on the target when using beam weapons.




There are symbols in the game for each type of ship, you can use these symbols to see what ships are in your mini map. This can help you team up with ships that you find helpful.


Triangle symbols are Interceptors



Diamonds are Fighters



This symbol is for Long Range



This symbol is for a guard ship



This symbol is for destroyers



This symbol is for engineer’s



Each ship has a special ability which you can find here


Here you can find a guide that explains all of the ships roles in this game




In combat if you can get your guns inside of the enemies shield you can do damage directly to their hull. This is easier to do to larger ships.


A basic evasive maneuver for approaching a ship is to constantly move in a corkscrew pattern. While approaching a target use your afterburners and move your mouse in a circle pattern


If you can, always approach ships from the side, or better yet behind them


On the larger ships known as destroyers you can blow up some parts on them. If you destroy all the parts of a ship you will destroy the ship without having to completely destroy their hull


These parts are engines, turrets, and capacitors


Destroying the engines does the most damage


The engines and turrets you should be able to easily make out, but the capacitor is a small square on the middle of the top of the ship.


Staying behind ships is the best defense against enemies that are slower than you. However, do not sit still or you’re not gonna live long. Keep using your strafing thrusters while

staying close to their rear.


Constantly moving around with thrusters is a must, default strafing keys are, alt (down) space (up) A (left) D (right) try moving in clockwise and counterclockwise patterns but keep

mixing it up so your enemies can’t predict your movement.


When dealing with faster ships your best tool for keeping them in your crosshair is to use your rotation. A players rotation speed and experience in fast maneuvers will most

of the time decide who the victor is in a fight between two interceptors or fast fighters. This is something I suggest you practice with fellow corp members in a private match.




You’re going to get a lot of Alien Composite Blocks from daily quest. You can use them to make Ellydium ship components.


After each match during trophy search there is a chance you can get a cache


These can be opened in the games store by using Iridum; but, you only have a few hours after finding a cache to purchase it


Blueprints are mostly found in cache boxes. Different rank matches give out different cache’s you can usually see which cache’s drop for each rank on the special news page when

you open the game.


The links below will help you find the cache’s you want.


You can find all the cache contents here


[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/33224-cache-contents-list/)


You can see which rank missions give which cache drops here


[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/35440-weakly-caches/)


However, these cache drops change each week. You can always find the weekly cache drops in the news section of the forums


[](< base_url >/index.php?/forum/217-news-read-only/)


So once you’ve decided to go for the cache you want, you play the proper rank, and eventually get the cache you want from trophy hunt. Then you pray that you will get

the blueprint you desire when you open the cache. Also you can search for containers with rare drops in open space. Although without a spacial scanner which currently

cost 2999 galactic standards, searching open space is a tedious process.


When you get a cache it will show up in the shop and you can buy it with Iridium


Iridium is the resource you get from purple trophy hunt icons. You get one purple icon when you win the type of game for the first time of the day. You can get one in each game mode.


You can get Xenocrystals by using your map to go to Ellydium station. Then you can completed quest there for the Xenocrystals


These can be used for Ellydium ships and weapons


Synergy Leveling Up


Synergy is essentially the experience you get for leveling up ships. When using a ship you will earn the synergy for that ship along with some free synergy that can be used on anything.


Free Synergy is in the top right corner when you’re in the hangar


Free Synergy is spent to upgrade some ships. They are the ones you can build from Ellydium and Unique Ships


Each ship transfers a percentage of the synergy you get in a match, into free synergy


Premium ships, which can only be bought with gold standards give 20%


Any ship on it’s max level gives 5%


Every time you max out the level of a ship it increases the percentage of synergy gained on all ships. This percentage is equal to the number of ships you’ve maxed out.


So if you have 5 maxed ships you would get a bonus 5% synergy on all your ships.


Synergy in general is also increased with each ship you max out. So, it’s best to max out all your ships instead of constantly buying the next rank up. It speeds up the leveling process making each ship gain synergy faster than the previous ship you maxed out.




You can zoom in with your ships aim by pressing B. This makes aiming easier but makes your sides more vulnerable to attack.


You can set a key in your keybinds to change your map to either 2D mode or Spatial 3D. It is listed in the key binds menu as “mini map mode” One map setting may prove

more helpful in different situations than another so I really recommend this.


Furthermore, you can make a key in the key binds menu to target any opponent who’s targeting you. This is helpful because it allows you to target an opponent without having to

make visual contact. In this situation there are abilities that one can use to disable or debuff the opponents ship in some way. Allowing you to turn the tides on your opponent.




If you want to post and ask questions in the forums you have to link your star conflict account to your email. This is done either through Steam or ARC; the two game

launching applications. After linking your account you have to win 2 PvP and 2 PvE matches to post in the forums. Sometimes it takes a while for your forum account

to be activated after you play the required matches.


How to link your steam account


How to link your ARC account



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