Beasts of Jerihco (BoJ) is recruiting

 Thats right we have re-opened our doors to recruitment.

As one of the oldest and well know corps in game, We are looking towards our future as a corp.

As time goes on in games people move on, we all know this and have done this.

We are looking to expand our ranks by 50 members. Then the rebuilding process can begin.

We have created many many legendary players in this game, who have gone to other corps.

or started other corps. This too is ok as we all have been there.



As it stands now we are looking for newish players and some older ones aswell. (skilless need not apply)

We fly daily runs together to help corp members with syn or creds. We do sector control, and have lols when we are just kicking back.

If interested please send me a message in game, as im prob just checking this to bump it.


Ty fly safe. :bomber:

With luck with the corporation!

ty, im hoping to bring this corp back to its former glory.

We have picked up 15 or so pilots. Ranging in skill levels from new to not so new pilots.

Join up now as recruitment will close VERY soon.

The Beasts are rising.

Come join us for our daily corp squads pvp(e) from t1-t10000000 i joke but we fly all the ships. stop by and chill with us. i mean kill with us

had a great day with the corp. growing fast recruitment will close soon.

had 50+ active in the last 24 hours and had 4 squads running at the same time.


Glad to see you all growing and being active. I look forward to seeing you in battle. :lol:

same here Mr. T. thanks for stopping by bomber.gif

I want to join your corporation. I play by name ‘iamnewtogame’ using steam. I fly frigate: long range. At level 6. I want to fight for Jerico. :)wt



Hello, I’m currently an officer in Herp de Derp, but there’s almost no one ever on, so I’m thinking about switching. I fly tackler class, use gauss cannons to snipe from a single position, and then use chameleon cloak to evade incoming fire and to bring back fallen team mates in safety. I current skill level is 967, average from 20 - 40 kills per round, and am getting pretty close to unlocking a T3 ship.


In game name - daylight


Hit me up. :wink:

Hey there! I wanna’ join the fun. I mostly play t2 but I have unlocked  a few t3 ships, you’ll find me in game as “kelzuriel”.



Hey, i’m new to this game but I play well (pvp positive k/d with only first ship). I hope you will invite me because I really want to get in this game :slight_smile: thanks in advance


You can find me as ‘NickvdDussen’