Balancing of Ship boni

Ahoy mates.


Ship boni is the topic.


I personally fly federation with railguns,

some ships of their tree give boni to plasma weapons however.


How about we change this to a general bonus, not weapon type related.


Additionally balance ship boni too,

empire has several boni on one ship,

while the rest has only 1.



Regarding the overall stat balance,

federation is pretty weak, has the same maneuvering stats as legion?

This needs a fix, what use is a glascannon fed racer, if ye can have the same with a proper tank on empire?!

What the hell is a boni?

Do you mean bonus-ES? The plural of bonus?

I’m gathering from context that’s what you mean. But…yeah…boni isn’t a word. Well, I mean it might be a word for one language or another…but that’s really beside the point.

BonusES…yeah sure.

* latin bon us -> bon i 2nd declination class


the boni / bonuses are applied to the various ships / ship roles…some will allow you to deal more damage or lower the energy tolls for ceratin modules