Balancing and New Rider Index

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I come to bring a theme that I have come to realize that there are glaring differences, in the assembly of the players teams for PvP and the so dreamed Tournament. I’m not sure how the server does this balancing, but sometimes we get overwhelming victories, so I’ve been watching the indices that are in the player profile in order to find an index that best defines the level of each player. And thinking of that I realized that in the pilot’s profile there should be an index or reason for the destruction of ships of destruction suffered. I understand that in this way players with a better index would be the best in the game and should be allocated to opposing teams in a random PvP, so that when groups are formed, this index should be made an average of the group, thus favoring Games more enjoyable.

This Ratio should also be taken into account in the classification of each PvP battle, in a way a pilot that destroyed 10 ships and was destroyed 20 times, should not be better classified than a pilot who destroyed 5 ships and suffered no destruction.


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Yeah, would be more balanced and we would be able to see the player´s K/D as a way to create random battles in pvp. So a player with 1000 kills and 2000 destructions would get the team with peoples with 1000/1000 or 500/500 and not like the way it is being created, sometimes i find good players in the same team, while my team or the enemy team has bad players with, sometimes, rank 5 ships, that would be a new way or option or filter to balance the things up.

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This will be a whole new level of salt, flame and hatred but im in if it’s going to make the MM better.


1 hour ago, ORCA1911 said:

This will be a whole new level of salt, flame and hatred but im in if it’s going to make the MM better.

No - not really! Orca, all discussions and debates will be civilized and constructive

I mean the part of death counters, im always for a KDA but people are just mean when you have more deaths than kills. ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

Do you understand how that pilot rating is calculated? Waht the most powerful factor is in it? Saw corps offering entry by a certain pilot rating score… and wondered why pilot ratings not always go with kill/death ratio of players!

That rating changes too drastically, not reliable at all. i can’t think of anything better than it is now, maybe elo but some say it was there before and it was bad. So idk

That form would change the behavior of the players, and the index would be fairer. That the PvP game is unbalanced is more than confirmed. Developers have to look for a solution to this. Sometimes humiliating battles happen and that is not fair, and creates a negative expectation on beginning players.


I also think I should have a balance between players! Often forter players fall with strong, and the weak get weak have no way to win battles like that!