Balanced Active Module Distribution 3-4-5

We have maximal 4 active module slots per ship.

The fact is that the ships differ in seize a lot, also in number of weapons, energy, agility, and rotation, but mainly: ship size


I’d like to propose :


3 x active module slots max for -> interceptor class , because smallest ship

4 x active module slots max for -> fighter class , because mid-seize ship

5 x active module slots max for -> frigate class , biggest ship



I like your general idea about sizes, but probably the bigger ships have bigger modules too.

We already have this in main weapons.
Interceptors, 2 weapons.
Fighters, 4 weapons.
Frigates, 6 weapons (LRFs).


(Why Engineering and Guard don’t have 6 weapons? Broken this logic.)


I would like the same number of weapons and different weapons sizes. 

Partially disagree: interceptors use most of the multi purpose modules like fighters and frigates. Thats an inherent imbalance, giving the interceptors all the goodies: agility, roll/pitch, speed, tarn and warp, dodge-ability, very powerful weapons against everything: intys, fighters, frigates.


Thing is, that interceptors seem too get the universal all-purpose reward/kills earning role since longer time.

The devs asked for ideas to reform the game : “[Making Balance together](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/33868-making-balance-together/&)”. I wanted to hear from others what they think.


My proposal would nerf Tai’Kin a bit’:wink:


And Destroyers x0 xDDDDDDDDDDD delete this ******* op ****.