Balance changes testing! Share an opinion - get a reward! (discuss)


Pilots! The UMC [launches a special test version of the game with balance tweaks proposed by the players.](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/40441-balance-changes-testing-share-an-opinion-get-a-reward/) This version of the game will be available to everyone on a separate test server.


This thread is meant for the discussion of the suggested changes according to the following format:

Suggested change:

  • Pros: + (briefly, what exactly you liked)
  • Cons: - (briefly, what exactly you didn’t like)
  • A brief summary (to the point, no emotions):


  • Base energy recovery speed increased by 10%

Cons: doesn’t work for Ze’Ta

Pros: it works for the rest

It will be usefull for the destroyers which modules uses so much energy compared to normal ships



  • Warp speed of destroyers through gates increased from 500 to standard 2000 m/sec.

Pros: finally Ze’Ta in warp will be faster than beyond (at least for full speed build)

Cons: it won’t be possible to kill teammates from the colission with the speed difference

It will speed up the journey for destroyers so they will appear on the battlefield faster


Gauss Cannon and Positron Cannon

  • Added a description of the dependence of the chance and size of critical damage for the Gauss cannon on the charge accumulation.

Pros: good idea

Cons: but it doesn’t work

It’s always a bit more information about your weapon


Maximum rank of a ship in a group

  • Players in a group are allowed to place ships 1-3 ranks higher than the group leader’s rank.

Pros: finally you won’t have to worry about whether the leader has r17

Cons: there is none

This will facilitate group making

Okay, a day late to test 'cause actually had to sleep during the night for once (shocking) but here we go. Going to use to format provided, will be referencing experience from test as of 7th of February 2021.



  • Base energy recovery speed increased by 10%:


This buff was aimed to allow for vanilla Destroyers (Rank 8, 11 and 14) to compete in battles more actively and allow for usage of higher energy dependant modules such as photon emitter.

The buff also applied to ‘Relic’ which has energy stability issues when using the special module “reflector shield”


This buff will do nothing to bring Rank 8 and 11 Destroyers into relevance in traditional PvP

There is so much more flawed with the concept idea of Destroyers that this will have very minimal effect on any buff target bar Relic which actually kind of needed it.


Although the buff is appreciated when using the ship “Relic” it will do very little - if not nothing to shift viability of lower rank Destroyers in mixed rank PvP or Conquest.



  • Warp speed of destroyers through gates increased from 500 to standard 2000 m/sec.


Before this change was finally given implementation it took:

  • A default speed Destroyer (123m/s) took  1 minute 24 seconds  to reach  Beacon B from spawn  on the map  Iridium Strand

After the change was given implementation it has changed to:

  • A default speed Destroyer (123m/s) took **55 seconds (+/-  2 seconds) **to reach  Beacon B from spawn  on the map  Iridium Strand

This is a significant change and allows Destroyer players to play objectives more closely without having to rely heavily on extreme range AoE denial.







The “rubberband” effect which players witnessed on the “Experimental Destroyer” NPC when it used the module “Jump Drive” occurs when leaving regular Warp Gates and can be somewhat jarring in regular gameplay. I suspect this “rubberband” is dependant on Destroyer components being seperate entities to the player ship but there is no possible way to confirm this in the brief testing periods.




Quantum Railgun

  • The reload bonus of command modules from critical hit increased from 0.8 to 1.5%.


This in theory will allow for higher command module up time when playing aggressively.



The Quantum Railgun has flaws beyond the minimal bonus effect due to lack of tuning of the ships “Dart” and “Gargoyle”. Quantum Railgun suffers extremely from poor weapon cooling which players are unable to modify at all in a positive manour.



In testing the buff had minimal impact on gameplay. The dependance on critical hits forces players into a very specific ship build which restricts other portions of the ship which require player correction such as energy regeneration and mobility.

The poor cooling of the weapon “Quantum Railgun” was still very prevalent and distracted from any benefit of playing the ship “Dart” so aggressively due to high downtimes due to weapon cooling.


Thi’Es beam

  • Firing range increased by 10%
  • Damage increased by 10%
  • Minimum spread reduced to 0,15


The minimum spread change means the weapon wind up is no longer as painful as it will target _ less _ enemies, in result draining less excess energy.



This weapon still feels  awful  to use. The damage wind up is far too slow, the weapon targeting bonus enemies in the crosshairs akin to Thi’lith and Homing laser is annoying and restrictive on what ships can equip the weapon.

This weapon needs to have the damage increased more substantially or simply raise the damage  floor  but leave the damage  ceiling  as is.



This weapon is still greatly underperforming and extremely restrictive on player builds when using the weapon.



Remove this weapon from the default builds of the ships “Deimos 2” and “Lightbringer”.

I have seen many new players simply unable to control Thi’Es properly as the shift in mechanics is far too rapid for how early the weapon is available. Removing dynamic projectile weapons such as Guided Thermosphere, Flux Phaser, Thi’Es and Homing Laser should allow new players to climatise to regular gameplay before being forced to tackle unique gameplay mechanics associated with these weapons.


Phase Jump 

  • Cooldown increased from 20s to 25sec.
  • Jump range increased from 1200 to 1800 m.
  • Radar invisibility active time reduced to 5 sec.


Players utilising this special module on the “Nightingale” ship will be less frequently radar immune and should encourage more thoughtful usage of the module rather than using the moment it is off cooldown



This is one of the most misguided attempts at nerfing a module I have ever seen. This is an  indirect buff  due to the jump range increase and very limited changes to other statistics of the module.

This change will allow the ‘Nightingale’ ship to cover more ground than before with still very limited cooldown and the safety of radar invisilibity.

The change to cooldown of the module does not feel substantial at all and when briefly testing the ship it still felt more natural to utilise the special module the moment it was off of cooldown rather than keep it reserved for more dangerous situations or disengaging from unfavourable engagements.



  • Cooldown increased from 20s to 30sec.
  • Jump range increased from 1200 to  1500 m.
  • Radar invisilibty active time reduced to 5 sec.

Current changes simply do not alter the performance of the ship substantially enough to justify such a small adjustment.


These were the main ones I looked over whilst I was briefly on the test server.

My only further questions are:
Why were the Detonation and “Ellydium Bot” changes removed?


The detonation mode change would have made the mode less punishing on players who are not able to utilise extremely fast ship setups due to latency or players who simply do not want to participate in the mode as teams would be able to engage prior to the objective appearing.


Ellydium bots are able to throw the balance of a “PvP” match in setup by a landslide if more than one Thar’ga is spawned at a time. It is not uncommon for matches with “Join in Progress” still available to be either cut short or become completely one sided due to the presence of these bots with such extreme damage modifiers.

Echo Cannon

  • pros: incentive to get it as it was not really competitive, i find it good to have diversity in weapons

Liquid Metal Injector

  • pros: good i was not finding it usefull in a lot of situations out of missions
  • cons: maybe to much for some missions
  • again i like having diversity but it need balancing, now it seems to be more usable in the direction of pvp

EM Scattering Field

  • pros: reducing the timing can help being more mobile

More rank range for groups

  • pros: more easy to find groups, that is a good feature

Gauss and Positron Cannon description

  • pros: appreciable
  • cons: i have not find it

Destroyers buffs

  • pros: good for the lower ranks destroyers and generally the warp speed
  • does not make up the difference between the low and high rank destroyers but having a difference seems legit

Long Range Jericho Frigates Shield durability increased by 20%

  • i don’t really use them and they have already a good shield it seems, but it is just a impression as i am not usually using them

Is this game still ALIVE?!

10 hours ago, Tillowaty said:

Is this game still ALIVE?!

Oh hello magic man. Yeah somehow. We don’t know how. But it is somehow.

16 hours ago, TheDerpNukem said:

Oh hello magic man. Yeah somehow. We don’t know how. But it is somehow.

cool, but didn’t see new content compared to 3y ago. Are games more balanced now? or still bot based?

8 hours ago, Tillowaty said:

cool, but didn’t see new content compared to 3y ago. Are games more balanced now? or still bot based?

Still pretty bot based. Depends on what time zone you play in since RU/EU seems to fill with players pretty quickly. US time slots are typically bot heavy.
Also balance is still pretty much a joke.

increase the storage capacity from 2,500 to more, for example 3,000. I’m constantly overbooked and tired of constantly selling and transferring modules between ships.


I am begging you

while flying a team, you can see the shield and armor of colleagues, can you activate it while flying alone? when flying an engineer it’s hard for me to realize that someone is missing “life”.


engineering bot, releases healing stations as often as possible or is it counted differently?