Background Suggestion

Star Conflict backgrounds doesn’t have any direction sense, including the new ones. “Where’s the Galaxy Center direction?” In Star Conflict all space locations seems out of the galaxy. From Earth, if you are in a desert, you can see the Galaxy Center direction without any equipament.



New pvp maps don’t need new backgrounds every time, you also can use other backgrounds from the other maps, of course, change lights according. In the custom battles, add a option to players change the background according to them preferences. Here, some extrapolative suggestions for backgrounds:

(Galaxy Center Zone)

![homeworld_2 m14 balcora_by_walter_nest-d67ihbs.jpg.8905393c2485a38b231d9d8e071acd17.jpg](/tmp/old_forum/uploads/monthly_2018_03/homeworld_2 m14 balcora_by_walter_nest-d67ihbs.jpg.8905393c2485a38b231d9d8e071acd17.jpg)

(Galaxy Middle Zone)

![homeworld_2 m09 counterattack_by_walter_nest-d67i2iu.jpg.5479e53089a914aa316d8cf73ca59ba3.jpg](/tmp/old_forum/uploads/monthly_2018_03/homeworld_2 m09 counterattack_by_walter_nest-d67i2iu.jpg.5479e53089a914aa316d8cf73ca59ba3.jpg)

(Galaxy Periferic Zone)

![homeworld_2 m12 thaddis_sabbah_by_walter_nest-d67if5y.jpg.8685e15a203291c3595b7864d189cc37.jpg](/tmp/old_forum/uploads/monthly_2018_03/homeworld_2 m12 thaddis_sabbah_by_walter_nest-d67if5y.jpg.8685e15a203291c3595b7864d189cc37.jpg)


Before you ask, Earth is localized in Galaxy Periferic Zone, because of this we see black space.

Please, update your background artists with this information. This idea should be consider it in the next backgrounds.


Thanks for reading.
Sorry for my English.