Name: Axe-XS-Axe

Type: Jericho Premium Hybrid Fighter

Types: Command+Tackler

Rank: 7

Parts to obtain: 250

Special Module: “Phase Flux Field:” “Surrounds the user and any allied ships within 1,000m with a shield that absorbs all incoming damage at the cost of 1 energy point per 13 damage points. The shield lasts for 10 seconds. The ships are all hidden from radar while the shield is active.”

Special Wepaon: “Raid Cannon:” “Fires bolts of radioactive metal that travel slowly, but have a dual-effect. The first impact will deal kinetic damage, and then the target will take EM damage over a period of 4 seconds. Very low spread.”

Special Active Module: “Nacht Blume:” “Unleashes a hellish navy blue flame from the engines that leaves behind a trail for 14 seconds. This trail will dissolve the hulls of any ships that pass through it.”