Autoloot Button

Hi to all


As you all player already recognized the loot system could take some improvements.


It is a waste of mouse klicks atm and the Dev was kind of sardistic as they show us stuff which we rarely get.


I like to see an Autoloot button which is one klick to receive all the loot.




How do you suggest dealing with the fact that you have less loot attempt than there are ‘loot spots’?

Let auto loot pick loot from random spots?

yes, for sure.

As it has no obvious impact which spot you choose it could be random by default too.

This means an algorithm could take randomly the number of attempts you have and perform the loot itself.


Currently it is dis-encouraging and frustating to see the possible loot and not get it.

Might as well throw the whole looting system out and try again tbh

Might as well throw the whole looting system out and try again tbh

There are more systems that should be redone, or simply reversed.

Auto-looting is a better option than a screen yelling ‘PICK ME! PICK MEE!’ at you. There’s absolutely no logic to the looting screen now, what’s the difference between choosing the top left area or the one next to it since there’s no real difference behind it to tell you ‘if you loot here, do this and that you have a higher / smaller chance to get this’… The looting screen is just for display, it doesn’t offer different odds of getting items since you get no clues to think which spots to pick.

Agreed. I had already suggested automating this as well as other repetitive actions here:

[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20753-automate-repetitive-actions/)