Imagine that you start up a match, see the que screen ticking down with the two teams prepping to tear each other up, and you notice that the other team has one or two 4 man squads easily identifiable by their corporation logo.  Your heart sinks.  “Oh great, another one of these matches.”  The sad fact is that a single 4 man (and usually microphone linked) squad can dramatically shift the balance of the game.  You may hear many players complaining about the match-up system this way. 

Is it fair to allow 4 man squads to dominate games like this?  Yes and no.  But I think there’s some room for improvement when it comes to squad match making. 

For one, finding people interested in playing the same game mode as you is a little cumbersome.  You have to announce to the chat room, hope someone replies, and then off you go.  What if there were dedicated and separate chat channels for people interested in t1, t2, t3, squads?  

Alternatively, at the beginning of a match there could be an interface to jump into the nearest available squad.  This would assign players randomly into groups, so that attacking and defending with a specific ally becomes much more focused.  

1+ For players looking for a pve squad, nobody ever looks at global, a chat room for the ones looking for a pvp/pve squad would be great.

I agree. Even if you didnt add a chat room, having a function to form solitary people in squads for the games would be nice.