Augmenting Ships

Augmenting your ship would be a function only possible with non-premium and non-Ellydium ships. This feature would unlock once you reach maximum synergy with a ship, and allow you to right click on the ship and select “Augment”

This would reset the experience levels to zero and require a payment of 5x the initial ship value in credits.


Augmented ships would receive the following bonuses:

  • One additional seed chip slot
  • Permanent 1% increase to all stats
  • Darker engine trail
  • Luxury cockpit/seats
  • Gold tinted glass



Upon fully leveling up the ship a 2nd time, it would grant an additional +1% total experience gain boost overall. (+1 Fleet Strength)


Ships can only be Augmented once.



Seed chips may need to get a very small tweak as well, to allow R1-3 seed chips to drop. (Only while flying those ships)