Attrition [ATT] Recruiting!

Hello and welcome, Attrition is now recruiting. We currently have 18 members and are looking to expand, no size limit. We use Ventrillo for voice communication but it is not required.

TS3 is better. More Stable, and better GUI.


Also… Will your main enemies be (SPRINT) and (Verizon)?


You know since your (ATT)


HAHA… HAHA… Yes I know its not funny… its 5 am. 

(consider this as free pumb-up to your recruiting post, a positive thing even if it is off-topic):


Mumble is better as

a) it is totally free (Open Source)

b) has better controls and is easier to modify for simultaneous channel + sub-channel(s) communication.

As many people as many opinions. If one would be flat out better than the other, then that other would no longer be used.


Anyway, good luck to your corp, and most of all have fun. See you in space.

I like vent because I’m used to it =), tried mumble back in the day when it first came out but sound quality just was not enough to sell me at the time.