Attention to detail

There are some small details in the game right now that probably bother me more than others for example in the hanger if i’m part of the federation why do i see empire ships coming into and leaving the ship?


In battle why do the ships go from factory condition to suddenly black and burnt out with 2 or three measly parts coming out of the ship?


How come missile impacts dont push ships back? (lets say a ship is heading straight towards me full speed and i fire a missile directly to his front he should be slowed down) PIC BELOW


How come ships don’t even look damaged until death it would be nice to be able to see visual sign of damage(for example when hull has taken thermal damage make it so the parts hit by the laser turn red hot or the parts hit by em damage look melted and parts hit by kinetic look dented and have holes missile impacts should blow wings off!) so i don’t have to mouse over a ship to see it has 1 hp left even though it looks like it came out of the factory.


I have looked very hard and i cant even see where missiles would be stored on the ships they just appear out of this air!


THIS IS A BIG ONE:why are the explosions for ships so plain? maybe faction colored ones? Add a ton of parts coming off from the ship(like those tiny wings on some interceptors) make some ships implode on death and blow up, make ships hit by disintegrators have a large explosion  the enter and exit holes it would make make (PIC BELOW) a ship with afterburners on spiral into an asteroid, make ships fall down and burn in the atmosphere on maps with planets in the background(disabled in pve maybe?).


How come there is so little screen shake? leave main gun hits the same but make missile impacts shake the screen, have it shake more and sound more explosive when afterburners activate, and why do all the warning messages come on suddenly when you are secs away from death its a space ship! put a whole bunch of warnings on the screen.

another one is you should resize the shield booster on frigates so it doesn’t clip into the ship but around it.


all of these things should have the optional of being disabled for low end systems but most should stay in realistic mod and speaking of realistic…


that make where you aim actually matter so if the engine takes a certain amount of damage the speed is divided by %50 and if a module spot gets hit too many times(they are visible on every ship and you see it blink when it activates) it gets permanently disabled and you see it smoking, make it so if places where guns/missiles are stored (you could add a model of a missile holder/minelayer for every missile type to add onto the ships)take too much damage then they are lost.


I love this game but i wish at least some of these details would be addressed and if any of these are being considered they should be put in immediately for testing this is a beta after all if i’m not mistaken

I would say more but i have said too much already.


 ace combat assualt horizen

 star wars





Because this is a simple game benchmarked for low-mid end PCs. And most of us like it that way. I have a 7870 HD, I can quite easily run high-end games, yet my most played game on steam is SC. Why? Because I like the gameplay.


Could the game use some graphic boost? Sure, but what’s the point? You don’t see half the action in the map, only what’s in front of you, so why bother with shiny graphics and bloom effects and lens flares? I’d rather keep the game without, at least, lens flares blinding me every second.

Nukes do have a knockback, and quite a strong one, and can even push you into an steroid. When EB saved you from nuclear explosion, then it wont save you from asteroid. :slight_smile:

Having the same kind of knockback, only weaker for missiles could be interesting.

Shoot a volley of rockets in back of friendly frig, to boost its speed.  :lol:


The other thing about visual damage to ships is not a good idea. I mean it would look cool, but at what cost?

  1. I believe curret ship models are not designed for that.

  2. Vast time to develop that

  3. Probably a huge performace hit. (forgot that that option is optional)

You really used Star Wars as an example of what space combat should look like?  The very concept of big fireball explosions in space is silly.

I actually think the way ships explode and leave a shell behind is pretty sweet. I also think the bits flying off look right. And I love ramming the carcass after blowing someone up :smiley:

i understand the fire in space thing but we already have sounds outside of the the ship. :confused: you guys have to admit some of these things can change! the first thing new players will see is these things they wont immediately get all the game mechanics and how it works in general while it is solid often these things distract me but they might bother some more then others but i thought these are traits of space combat games i used to think the current explosion was a placeholder until they add something that looks better(maybe it is o.o). look at war thunder for example the visuals dazzled me at first but when it got to the gameplay i found out its not my cup of tea. Now i will be the first to say gameplay over visuals but the pretty much have it down so why not? visuals are a third of what makes up a game along with the gameplay and sounds/sound track(they are kinda meh) oh well did not think people would not immediately agree with me, am i the only one who thinks this would look cool? oh well i guess i’m the only one who thinks this would make kills more satisfying kinda like gore in shooters does.(as evil as it is)

Visuals are not a third. They are 10% at most.


DOOM looks laughable by modern standards, yet I will happily blitz and entire Episode in one sitting. By contrast, I tend to get bored of most modern shooters after a single mission… if not by the first checkpoint (typically 15 seconds in).


Super Mario Bros has nothing going for it visually, but by the Gods is it fun even now. Tetris? Basic visuals and terrible sound quality… but admit it, you’re already humming its theme tune and picturing blocks falling from the sky.


You can have a great game that looks bad, but looking good won’t save a bad game.

At the moment we focussed on adding some low spec options for players with weaker system, but this does not mean that we will improve the effects in the future.

Nice DETAILED drawings you have lol

Tbh there’s a fine line between visuals that are cool, and ones that are overly flashy and distract from the gameplay. If you had giant fireballs going off and bits of ships flying off in to space all the time it’d just be really annoying when you’re trying to shoot the guy jinking around in front of you.


The idea of visual ship damage is nice but we have repair systems that can fix ships right up from 1% back to 100%. Presumably the components that flew off won’t just fly back on again after the nanodrones are done, so I guess you’d need some sort of convincing rebuilding and patching up effect, and then how do you marry that with taking further damage while you’re getting repaired? As you can see, it all gets a bit complicated.

Don’t have things flying off then.


Simple visuals upgrade? When your hull is damaged by a laser, just have the game apply a scorch mark over that spot. If it’s hit by a railgun, some black marks will do, or scratched paint. If you really wanted realistic effects, a cracked HUD when your health is low would be the bomb, but a lot of players wouldn’t like it as it decreases combat efficiency.

i wouldn’t add more details to graphical effects for now, the game still has a crash-fest for many people so it should be stabilized before any attempts of the kind