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How crazy is the token economic market? From almost nothing at the beginning of 2014 to the peak of 2018, the total market value exceeded $810 billion, which is about 50% of the world’s gold value and 25% of the total value of the world’s banknotes. The entire industry chain of the token economics includes, but is not limited to, digital currency projects, exchanges, wallets, media services, mines, payments, and so on.


Along with the rise of the industry, Token ushered in the era of “hundred schools of thought contends”. As a large number of heroes all rise, the token economic transactions were in full swing. However, with the prosperity of the blockchain ecosystem, the transaction requirements of token assets were higher. Centralized token asset transaction may soon become obsolete as they lose the opportunity to use blockchain technology to improve capacity and efficiency. The decentralized transactions have become a trend.



The ultimate torture of the coin circle


In early July 2018, the founder of Ethereum, V God bluntly stated at the TechCrunch blockchain theme salon, “I hope the centralized exchange will die.”


The problems of centralized exchange have already made the whole coin circle count it as a personal favour. Centralized trading has become a “leek harvester” and the security problem is extremely serious. In addition, the centralized exchange is still a land of corruption and infighting. This is a world completely contrary to the spirit of the blockchain, centralized concentration, monopoly and corruption, all of these crises, making V God ran out of patience.