Asguard Alliance [ASG]


Greetings and welcome to the Asguard Alliance recruitment station.
We are a Corporation that values active dedicated members. We are glad to help you learn this game and squad up daily to crush the competition.

All members are accepted from around the world and all are welcome here. 
CEO: Shylo132
Current Officers:

→ Wilder080

→ T4nk897

→ Masterdecoy

→ DarkStrobeLight

*contact the CEO or any officer for all recruitment inquiries
We would like our recruits to meet the following requirements, though there are exceptions.

→Age: 18+

→RaidCall Voice Chat (Mic not required, being able to squad leaders a must)


→Rank 5 in at least 1 out of 3 Factions

→Any Skill Rating

*[ASG] Reserves the right to change Recruitment Requirements

*Please Contact In-Game or on RaidCall to be viewed for Recruitment!*



  1. Respect - Be Nice, Don’t piss people off!
    2. Skill - Refining your tactics till its picture perfect!
    3. Discipline - Work as a team and control situations

  2. No Spawn camping! - The only enemy spawn you should be in is during a combat recon match.

  3. No disputes in Global chats. Use PMs instead.

  4. 2 week inactivity limit - we rely on high activity and friendly conversations :slight_smile:


RaidCall Download Link:

RaidCall Group ID: 7290727



Fly Safe, Live Dangerously.

Your CEO,


*thanks to NASA Forum for the outline*

We wish you the best :lol: . If there is anything we can do, feel free to ask. ;)wt  Cya around, Fly safe.

Welcome to the war. Best of luck to you!

Welcome to the sector! See ya in space! Good luck getting my sweet rolls. 

Hi and welcome from NASA.


One thing I’d like to mention though, if you’re going to use someone else’s post as a template for your own - at least give them the appropriate credit. It can be perceived as a little rude to do so without asking or without mentioning where you acquired it.


Just some forum etiquette :slight_smile:

totally forgot that, there we go, updated! usually don’t forget to do that, my bad. thanks to the others for the welcoming notes