Arwing-style primary weapon

Tapping the primary key fires quick 5-round bursts of high velocity EM or Thermal projectiles over 1 second, the weapon can fire another burst after 0.5 seconds of completing a burst.

Holding down the primary fire key will fire the 5-round burst, followed by a 2s charging period where an energy projectile is formed in front of the ship. Upon releasing the fire key, the projectile will fly directly forward, or seek out the currently locked target, exploding on impact and damaging a small area. The alternate fire has inferior single-target DPS to the primary fire.


I’m tempted to suggest that the weapon be locked to the hull of the ship, requiring the ship itself to aim the weapon, or at least have a highly restricted gimbal range, but that may make it completely unusable on agile targets, and would have to be accounted for as substantially increased DPS compared to other weapons of its class.

Yes pls

But maybe just click to fire the burst, then hold to charge the homing blob