Arrow Missiles [Weapon]

Name: Arrow Missiles

Type: Gunship Main Weapon

Ranks: 10-15

Damage: 1,110 Thermal

Explosion radius: 25m

Detection radius: 15m

Flight speed: 950m/s

Turn speed: 20deg/s

Tracking: Locked target or target under crosshairs. Does not have predictive tracking, but instead only tracks to the center of the target.

RoF: 60 shots/min

Maximum range: 4,300m

Tooltip: Heay Thermal weapon for medium distances. Launches tracking missiles at your target. Only one barrel will fire at a time.

If you tune it with missile rotation implant and stuff like that, I think it would become too op. 


For a gunship special weapon I imagine something like an high-RoF explosive plasma rifle. 

Missile slot implants would not affect this main weapon.

Also regardless of what ship class actually gets this I would loooove a main weapon that shot homing missiles.

(Or homing anything, really.)

I originally thought of a sort of scattergun type weapon that only shot one bolt without spread, but that is essentially just a Flux Phaser. Then I though of a mode toggle for Flux Phaser where a single click (instead of click and hold) would simply fire the projectile on its own homing mechanism. Then I thought that was too much like the aliens weapons. (Which I would love to have too!!) So I thought the next best thing would be homing missiles! ^^

Predator Flux Phaser V 2.0?

I say nope.