Arkhos Core [Arch]

Did you use adobe illustrator for this?


I commissioned it from a friend. I have no idea what software they used. I created the modified version with a glow in GIMP.


EDIT: I have chosen to go with Option B. There was quite a bit of support for both options, but ultimately I believe the glow more accurately represents the “Core” feel I was envisioning.


If a future version arises with a better look, we may switch to it in the future.

Please refrain from posting in other corporations’ threads and also do not post screenshots which denounce other players for whatever reason. Simply use the report system or contact the players or the corp’s CEO directly.

Updated the first post. With Sector Conquest no longer existing and with many players searching for corporations, the standards for acceptance have laxed somewhat.


I still plan to enforce integrity and intelligent recruiting, but I am more open to investing in players who may not yet meet the minimum requirements, and place them on trial periods.

Keep it friendly guys and don’t drive recruitment threads into personal discussions.

Thread cleaned on request of the thread starter. The recruitment thread should be used for internal corp communication as well as recruitment. Everything that might harm the image of a corp should be discussed in private and everything that is not important for the recruitment should be done in the round table.

Some updates:

  • Arch has closed its applications. You can still ask to join but it is otherwise invite-only.
  • Our corporation logo has finally been added! You can see it in all its awesomeness in-game.
  • Our Dreadnought is in final phase of construction and will finish on Thursday April 23rd!
  • We now have a YouTube channel with all sorts of videos - Tournament matches, funny highlights, montages, and more! You can find it here:
  • Updated the original post.

Congratulations to HiveStar and Jacklz, Arkhos Core’s newest officers!


Oh. And there’s this.




Arch receives 12 GS / 36 Iridium / 366200 Credits per day. :smiley:

Bump for the following:

We own HALF of Federation Space!  36GS/186 Iridium/500k Credits per day!
New officers - Engle and Midget616!
Trial periods are closed. You must meet the minimum requirements in order to join. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis and are entirely subject to arbitrary decisions and personal choice. We always reserve the right to say no.
Looking to grow Federation Space dreadnought battle activity! Let’s get some communication going between the USA corporations for this.

Only member of Archcos Core are allowed to reply in this thread. In addition to this, please use the Round Table section to solve your issue or use PM.


Next time, I will distribute warning point to every one that get into this useless argument and spam.

Only member of Archcos Core are allowed to reply in this thread.





Thank you. I cannot guess every one corporation. Also, if you get into an argument with another member of this forum in your corp thread, every one argument and off topic will be hidden, including you.

Roger that.

I am not fully aware of what happened here today. As such, I will not be issuing any specific responses.


However, the first post in this thread very clearly states that as a member of Arch, you are to act with integrity and composure. If you can’t, you will be removed.

You have been warned.