Any Restricted Ships Should Not Be Hidden From The Ship Tree

Any restricted ships, including Premium ships, that are currently unavailable should not be hidden from the ship tree!

Good examples of such practice is Nightingale, Sirius, Tyrant and Vigilant.

If some ships are currently unavailable, there should be a tag displayed over them, indicating that they’re currently locked.

Removal from the Ship Tree to hide them, is not the best idea.



Screenshot example:

Nightingale and the rest of the ships should always be visible. There should be some tag over them, or maybe a locked ship slot, stating that selected ships are currently not available.



What about legacy ships or other ships that were given only to a select few for doing something or winning something?

(also someone select yes for me. I hit the wrong button)

I thought it was about queues with wrong ranks then i realized it was about those premiums lol

You may want to edit the title a little ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

7 hours ago, ORCA1911 said:

I thought it was about queues with wrong ranks then i realized it was about those premiums lol

You may want to edit the title a little ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

It is perfectly clear. You only need to read and think.

I agree, ships should not be hidden from the ship tree. I want them to stay there so to know/remind what I have missed.

It will be good for newcomers too so when they hear about Tyrant, Sirius etc to know what ppl talking about and not flooding chat with questions that they wouldn’t ask otherwise (not that I blame them for asking, I did exactly the same thing, but it’s not practical imo).

Same goes for Titles. Why ‘OBT Squad’ have been removed from Title tab. Because you can’t acquire it anymore one might say, yes but then we go back to the newcomers thing. But in any case ‘hiding’ info (any kind of info) from a game that is fairly complicated already is not the best thing.

So in that post I focused on info and newcomers, I don’t know if Koromac had the same things in mind when he posted this poll but this is why I voted yes. We need info, more info! and the info to ‘stay’ there so that we can see it.

I believe that only discontinued ships should be removed from the ship tree.   If a ship is unavailable it should be on the tree but have the red circle with the slash thru it and when in Mouse_Hover, the text should read as “Currently Unavailable”.  It could be a small overlay icon in the upper corner of the ship image so as to not distract from the image.  Much like the green ON SALE ribbon does currently.  This gives users the ability to examine a ship, left click PREVIEW it or drool over it in anticipation of it being made available.   As a user that will be crafting up a Tyrant, I want to drill down on the ship, examine what else I need to gather to craft it and plan ahead for its return into the game.  I do that with all the ships that are crafted.  Even if I dont plan on ever making one.   I just do it learn the ships since it is the best documentation the game has in regards to ship building.

As for discontinued ships or Special One-Off or Prototype Ships, they dont really need to be on the active tree, however, I would still be curious about them if I encountered one while in Open Space or in Battle and would want to know more about them.   Maybe a button at the very bottom of the Active Ship Tree that would take me to an alternate tree display showing them or even to an external web page about them.  Having an unknown ship appear in-game when it is not accessible to a player only raises questions with that player.