Any Plans For More PvE?

So, not so much a question as a wish from the devs, but I’m really hoping to see a buttload more PvE content.


I have to say, that my hesitation with dropping more than $10 into the game to get a 1 month license (and it’s well worth it for the quality game you’ve put out btw) was and still is, being dictated by the lack of content in the game thus far.


I appreciate that you’re going for a similar mindset as WoT, but I’d suggest that you consider what PvE content brings to the table for longevity.  I briefly considered picking up the 6 month credits/steam DLC (and buy a 6 month license), but every time I thought about it, I kept coming back to the fact that while I’m enjoying farting around in what amounts to variations on deathmatch, that’s already getting old after 4 days.


If you had even a half dozen PvE scenarios available, I could play that with my Corp buddies for months on end, as it has the fundamental WoW carrot on a stick/reward system that garners to the long term commitment players.  PvP is all fine and dandy, but it’s always going to be fluid and short term with high turnover.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the PvP, and I’d love to see some content added for that as well (along with a way of choosing which PvP scenario I’d like to play), but the only way I’d consider dropping more than the $10 I have is if there’s a massive PvE content addition. 


I also understand you’re still in beta (though to be honest, I’ve seen gold master releases with less polish, if not for the lack of content, which is the only qualifier of being a beta in my eyes) and that there’s a lot of growth still to come, but I hope you’ll consider adding significantly more PvE content, as I’d love to throw money at you for putting out such a quality game, but not if there’s nothing to do after a week :confused:


And since I’m already posting about it, I’m hoping you’ll even consider adding campaigns.  Something like a series of scenarios/skirmishes with a special guaranteed payoff at the end.  Perhaps even an Epic campaign that’s crazy difficult, requiring corp squad sizes of 10-20 players (similar to a more typical MMO instance/raid concept).  There is just so much that could be done in this realm that would add such a ridiculous level of playtime for players that it’s staggering.  You could even tie all this in with the contract system so it becomes more than just the grind mechanic it currently is.


Anyway, I hope you’ll consider the above, as like I said, I’d love to throw money at you, I just need content! :smiley: