Another Destroyer idea

Hi. Its me again with another idea. This time aim is to enhance their suppressing powers with a touch of artillery role.


Lets make them akin to WW2 Battleships. As some of you know, their doctrine was stay far and provide artillery support instead of taking brunt of enemy fire.


So to achieve that we will need to alter the weapons.


Coilgun: gets a charge mechanic similar to railguns, the sniping/arty weapon.


Meson: Dualmode weapon. Tap to fire a volley of scattered shots. Hold to fire current iteration.


Halo launcher: Dualmode weapon. Tap to fire current iteration. Hold to fire it like mortar, nonexplosive.


Reduce survivability by %25

Speed increase by %85

Weakness aura is spread to 2 tiers.

Tier 1: 2000m range, %50

Tier 2: 300m range, % 125


Missile slots amplified by 2x statwise.

Weapon ranges increased by %30. Longer they fly more damage they do.


4x more self damage from module destruction.


Soo… basically make Destroyers an… er… LRD? Although I wouldn’t be against having a long-long range Destroyer that isn’t a laser Vigilant back from when it came out -it just doesn’t quite fit with well… how Destroyers work right now. 


As for the weakness Tiers, 2km is a lot bigger than you think as almost all interceptor weapons have a range close to if not over that meaning you would be guaranteed to take double damage constantly from interceptors, which given Destructor became a thing this update is a big nono. Also 4x module destruction damage means you die before all modules and components go down  ![:dntknw:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/dntknw.gif “:dntknw:”)


Also I was hoping for  charge weapon to come with the Ellydium destroyer, but since it seems that won’t become a thing for a long time we just gotta wait.

Numbers are for examples, they can always be tweaked easily. As for deconstructor, thats an inty-end thing, not destroyer-end.