Another bunch of suggestions.

I dunno why I keep making these in groups but eh.


1. Show us the active time for the Heavy Repair Drones in the buff/debuff window, I know that they have a 25 sec active time, but I won’t bother to count that in my head for 2 or even 3 separate drones, especially while trying to fight.

I mean these  game_2017-07-06_14-30-51-98.png to have an active timer on top of the icon like other buffs.


2.Allow us to preview the different special modules looks on the Ellydium ships, it would be like previewing a ship, on Thar’Ga for example, you can see what the Hive will look like, same for the Combat Reconstructor, Condensing Crystals and the Crystal Predator, same should go for Tai’Kin, Waz’Got and every other Elly ship to come.

Something like this should do  game_2017-07-06_14-36-33-79.png sorry about the bad editing quality, didn’t bother to open up PS.


3. How about making preset of certain ships in certain combat slots and certain modules, for example, switching from a Destroyer built for PvP to a PvE build in one single click, you make the build, save it as a preset, maybe even give it a name, load it and you will be ready, now if you have some of the modules that make up the build installed on other ships, you will be asked to remove them from those ships and install them on the one you want to load the preset on, should be a time saver.


4. Show us progress on every required item to research the next node on a ship, for now we can only see the synergy requirement game_2017-07-06_14-54-53-87.pngbut how about showing us the credits, xenocrystals, composite blocks, node resources and tasks, that update as soon as you progress with any, it can be easier to keep track on the progress.


5. Speaking of progress, how about showing us the NPC tasks progress while in battle? We can select some a tasks to keep track on, and see the progress of them while in battle, much like for the Open Space assignments and errands.


If you have any USEFUL suggestions then feel free to post them.


Nicely done, set for review.