Announcement of patch 0.9.0!



In today’s blog we’d like to tell you about a few major changes that are about to happen in our game! You are in for interesting announcements and a story about the changes to be made to existing aspects of the game! In addition to the introduction of new items to the game, we are constantly working on the existing ones. We have decided to change a few things that affect the balance of the game. Which ones? Read below!

Here’s the biggest announcement of today’s blog! We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new tier of ships! That’s right, pilots — soon you will see our brand new T5 ships! You have been waiting for them, and the time has come! 27 new ships with new parameters and models! Of course, it is quite obvious that with the advent of a new tier, we also get new implants , soon you will be able to try them out too!






Not bad, huh? Now the question is — are you ready for the next announcement?

A lot of players have been demanding this one: Very soon we’re going to have brand new hangars for all factions and a new PvE menu! That’s right — now each side has its own hangar with a unique design! Now you can change your hangar to the one with the look you like in the PvE menu. The PvE tab has also been made more comfortable but we’re still planning on expanding it further.


Moving on — we often hear from you that replenishment of ammunition after each battle is sometimes expensive. In addition, pilots noted that a limited number of missiles in combat lowers the degree of intensity. Therefore, this system has been redesigned. In order to avoid imbalance, we decided to give up several slots for missiles, but now the number of missiles during the fight itself is completly unrestricted. You can buy a missile clip in the hangar, install it and then use it for an entire fight! Before flying to the next fight you will only have to buy one “clip” — This will change the cost of ammunition replenishment after each battle, and the use of missiles in the battle!

In addition to missiles, changes were made to weapon modifiers — their concept has been completely revamped. Now modifiers are purchased for one battle , instead of being permanently installed on the ship. In addition, we decided to remove those modifiers that alter the type of damage done — these modifiers had a negative impact on both, the balance and the understanding of game mechanics. Those players that have a large stock of different modifiers do not have to worry — all modules will be sold and their price in gold or credits will be refunded!

And now we come to a major innovation, which we would like to tell more about — it is related to the weapon system. We noted the negative reaction of the pilots about weapon mechanics being generally similar in spite of the difference in special effects. It soon became boring to play with guns which works on similar principles. It is important that the game is varied and interesting to our players so that each role is perceived not only as “ships with different modules” but also as something special in terms of combat mechanics.

  1. At the moment, there is a great amount of weapons in the game, which is not only bad for the balance, but they are also relatively rarely used by the players. A recent poll on the subject also showed that the players are much more likely to use one or two types of guns or even choose a specific weapon for a specific role.

  2. In addition, almost all the weapons in the game are working on similar principles, so when choosing a new weapon, many will see not the differences in animation or damage but similar shooting mechanics.

Many people reading this article have probably asked the question: “So what are you going to do with all this? ”

The answer to this question is this: Some time ago, we started working on revamping the entire weapons system. It was decided to introduce more variety to the game and to replace existing weapons with new ones. Some will be a bit similar to the old weapons, but some will be brand new! With this update, each role, each class has its own personality, not just “Different modules” — because each weapon is unique and fun to use, which means there is no “best recipe”, players will be able to experiment and be equally effective with all kinds of weapons!

So, you can’t wait to find out what weapons will be waiting for you in the game? Then check the spoiler!

We start our little story about the weapon upgrade of 0.9.0!

The first new weapon will be the Plasma Gun — this type of plasma weapon will have medium damage and range. However, in the right hands and on the right ship this weapon will be a very dangerous tool to destroy the enemy!

It is followed by Pulse Laser , designed for quick fights with opponents of equal power that do not require fire prediction.

Incredibly powerful, but rather slow Shrapnel Cannon helps pilots destroy the enemy at close range. However, when you try to fire at distant targets, the effectiveness of this weapon is much lower.

RF Blaster — a very dangerous weapon for clashes at close range with high rate of fire and damage. However, pilots of Covert Ops ships have to remember — the longer they are firing the blaster , the greater its spread will become! This weapon will complement the hit and run tactics.

The next weapon, an Assault Railgun ,is a precision kinetic weapon for firing at medium range, but with below-average damage.

Moving on! The Singularity Cannon is a powerful weapon, delivering electromagnetic damage to all enemies caught within the effect field of the charge. Moreover, this weapon penetrates ships — so it can hit several ships located in a tight cluster!

Gauss Cannon. This type of kinetic weapon is ideal for focusing the team’s attack. It has above-average range, high speed particles and high damage. However, its rate of fire is rather slow.


Ion Emitter is ideal for attacks on large vessels and has brand new impact mechanics — the longer you hold the beam on the target, the higher its damage!

This is followed by Beam Cannon — it’s a laser weapon effective in all combat situations. Suitable for destruction of enemies at medium and close range.

Coil Mortar — a very effective kinetic weapon that has  notable differences in its mechanics. The amount of damage it inflicts is the same regardless of the ship, but the rate will vary depending on the number of weapon turrets. Thus, its fastest (and most effective) variation can be found on long range frigates, and the slowest on interceptors. This type of weapon is great for damaging both groups of enemies, and the less mobile single targets.

In addition, ships can be equipped with destructive laser systems called Heavy Blasters — it keeps shooting more and more particles as you hold down the trigger. But do not forget about overheating!


Pilots also have access to Positron Cannons — plasma guns ideal for fire support as they cause serious EM damage, however, because of the long reloading time, it has a reduced rate of fire.

So, very soon you will find a noticeable change in the weapons system — 12 new weapons will replace the old ones. This change will make the game more diverse and further influence the balance of roles in the game! Well, now we are looking forward to the moment when the pilots will be able to try out new guns in action!

As you can see, very soon you will find a large number of extremely interesting and important changes. The introduction of T5, new implants, the emergence of race hangars, new weapons, refining the mechanics of missiles and modifiers — all this will undoubtedly make the game more fun! And of course, we would like to note that we will continue to work on the development of Star Conflict’s world, and its balance. We would like to thank all our players for their support and constant feedback on all aspects of the game!

EDIT: So, just recap:

  • Missiles are now just modules that you purchase.
  • But, the limit per life is still there. So, say on the Lynx you have 4 missiles per life?

I am strongly against the weapon modifier choice. I hate it. That’s all. I absolutely hate the idea, I’ll hate it in practice, and I probably will hate the weapons as well. I thought it would be more weapons to pick from, not an entire blooming revamp!

-posting here as well-


I disagree on some of the ship names btw.

Red Dragon is a blue ship(R14 empire)

it IMO should go from Viking > storm Viking, with Jarl the “unnatural one”

It sohuld go T-rex > T-rex mk2 with osprey the"unnatural one"

Wakizashi > wakizashi type s for the sake of consistency

I too would like to comment on the naming conventions at play here.




Wakizashi type R breaks Tech naming convention - their ships are named “[name] type S” pretty much without exception. Not really sure why the Tech Interceptor is Rank 14 yet their Fighter and Guard is 15, but that’s not a big deal.


Overall, Jericho looks the best implemented of the naming conventions.





Sadly, this is off the mark in a few places.


The Interceptor name, “Viking”, breaks convention. Dvergr (Norse Dwarf), Dwarf, Elf, Nibelung (little harder to pin down, but has been used to refer to a “Dwarf King”). All of these are linked to mythology, particularly Norse / Pagan mythology.


I submit then the alternate naming systems:


Rank 14 - Jötunn; Rank 15 - Jötunn 2; Rank 16 - Fire Jötunn / Jötnar / Surtr.

Rank 14 - Giant; Rank 15 - Giant 2; Rank 16 - Frost Giant.

Rank 14 - Troll; Rank 15 - Troll 2; Rank 16 - River Troll.


Next, the Fighter. The Warden ship name “Lightbringer” is alright, though how it fits to the pattern is kind of hard to see. The Legion Fighter should be “Apollo 2” to maintain flow.


Finally, the Frigates. A Legion ship named “Red Dragon” is odd for various reasons - Dragon 2 would be more in keeping, or “Blue Dragon” if you really want to break pattern.





Interceptors need one change - Spectre Falcon to Falcon Mk II would bring them back to pattern. That said, I believe the Interceptors do break naming patterns in T4 as well, so meh.


For the fighters, “Piranha-B2” comes out of nowhere. The ship it’s based on is called the Lion. Why the radial renaming? Lion-M is the expected name.


Finally… Osprey should be renamed T-Rex, and the Rank 15 ship either T-Rex-M (which doesn’t look good I admit), or Rex-M, or perhaps that can become Osprey.


Really not sure why such big changes have been made to naming conventions in Tier 5…

Okay, to elaborate on what I said earlier:


Tier 5?

Great! It looks awesome, but like Funky said, the names are off. Stick to how you did it before: it made more sense.


Weapon Modifiers

Why did you do this? Weapon modifiers were perfectly fine before: I had absolutely no problem with their functionality. I liked being able to add a module to my ship to get a bigger kick from my gun, but now this will just be a credit sink/GS sink for premium modifiers. No matter how much I try to like this idea, the logical part of my mind just keeps asking:

Did they do this for the Russians? The guys in T4 with all-purple gear who get the largest say in the development in the game?

And this just makes me hate it all the more. Please, don’t do it. Just get it out of the planned code. I am begging you guys on my knees here.


Unlimited missiles

I have only one thing to say: If nukes get this bonus, I’m quitting. End of it.


Weapon Revamp

I hate it just as much as the modifier idea. But:


Ion Emitter  is ideal for attacks on large vessels and has brand new impact mechanics — the longer you hold the beam on the target, the higher its damage!

Holy sh*t that’s my idea!

Unlimited missiles

I have only one thing to say: If nukes get this bonus, I’m quitting. End of it.


Weapon Revamp

I hate it just as much as the modifier idea. But:


Holy sh*t that’s my idea!

Even missiles have a cooldown, don’t forget :stuck_out_tongue:

As you see we try to add the wishes of the community.

Even missiles have a cooldown, don’t forget :stuck_out_tongue:

As you see we try to add the wishes of the community.

I’m just going to reiterate:

If. Nukes. Become. Unlimited. I. Will. Quit.

With the new misslie system, the Engy drones will be likely to get blown up before they are even born, has it been considered?

You cannot spam missiles. There are like 3-6 (cannot tell exact figures yet) missiles in a clip, and after you shoot them all out a reloading of this clip starts, so it takes time. And there’s also a cooldown for missiles too. 

Ill wait till it updates before i make an opinion …

Okay, no.

Unlimited nukes has just… Ugh…

Now I’m a bit concerned about Inty => nuke=>suicide=>inty=>nuke=>repeat, and many other variations.

Even missiles have a cooldown, don’t forget :stuck_out_tongue:

As you see we try to add the wishes of the community.


Possibly - but the focus in this patch might have been on wishes of a very small minority.


I’ve never seen anyone ask for this missile thing, nor the removal of existing weapon mod functionality.


Mods were in plans for a long time. It was not healthy to make weapons change their kinds of damage in a click. They also influenced balance with that.

Missiles were just not really fun when you ran out of them. Currently I am not aware of the nukes, but I see the problem and will relate it to the team =) 




Your racism is getting really boring here, tbh.


We work with the feedback provided by all of our communities. We do not descriminate nor do we make any favourites. We just collect feedback and then work with it.

Might I suggest that you do not allow mines to be “infinite” either. There are already too many mines around.

With the modifiers, why not just get rid of the alternate damage types and keep the rest? I like having mods that up damage at the expense of range, or rate of fire in exchange for accuracy, etc.

All you have to do to balance the mods is delete the railgun thermal, plasma kinetic and laser em modules. I’ll be sad to lose that though; had a T3 experimental em lens…

I don’t see the lack of balance in the damage-changing modifiers… I never have. They seem perfectly fine. Granted, EM to Kinetic was slightly overpowered, _ but  _In T3 the kinetic hole was plugged up very quickly by tanks.


I just don’t think a lot of these radical changes were called for. The current range of weapons is great: 12 different guns, each with a different use. The modifiers were absolutely peachy. Now, the poll may have been indicative of about 1 or 2 different weapons per person, but different people will have used different weapons, so every weapon will be used by _ someone _.


I use a lot of different weapons. I use one I’m comfortable with first, but if it’s not up to scratch, I’ll switch. I’m happy with using Hail Plasma, LRLs, Stabilised rails and pulse lasers. That’s 4. So the weapon revamp just doesn’t sit right with me there.


Okay, T5 looks awesome, but then T4 is a ghost town. Get people to swing up to T4 to _really _enjoy the game, and then some will chance at T5.

Missiles were just not really fun when you ran out of them.

That’s the point, you have to “think” before using them or have people forgotten how to do this? Once they’re gone they’re gone, so you think tactically about using them.

This also means that any progress between Rank 12 and Rank 15 is being wiped, yes?


Leaving those that achieved Rank 15’s in the previous, much easier system, would make T5 quite unbalanced.