Animated loading screen

Instead of a static image, maybe it would be better to replace it with an animated one, like for example Mass Effect FTL Loop.



I’ve made some layouts for streaming where you can see how it would look like, in the video it’s between 00:10 - 12sec.


The best design of course would be to include the ship in your first ship slot in some kind of movement like warping to a map, just traveling or even staying still.



This has been suggested a lot but I like it

good suggestion ^^


Thanks, it’s just quality of life kinda thing but i thought it would be a really nice detail.

I’d prefer a more subtle, softer effect than to be blinded with flashes like the ME one shown lol


The ones you have on twitch would be good or something along those lines

I feel like Destiny 2 would be a better example, when travelling to a different location you can see the ship you’re using mid-warp, and if you have people in your squad you will also see their ships fly alongside yours.

yes it’s cool but how to display the 4 ships ^^ in less than when you leave you post on which one you and in hangar

It could take the first ship or show all 4 undock from the station as an animation or whatever, million ways to do it, simple, fancy, somewhere inbetween. The static loading screen just got boring after so many years of play.