Always Seeing Capture Points

I personally find it annoying that there are no indicators of where the capture points are at the edges of my screen. This means I have to flail around in space trying to find the point I am trying to get to, which is very annoying and makes you incredibly vulnerable. This is especially difficult for bomb matches where turning around means being exposed to direct fire by the 30-4 people chasing you. And makes it very hard to navigate towards points not on your screen when in close proximity to asteroids.


Something like an arrow with the appropriate letters attached designating the relative directions of each point would be awesome.


My biggest complaint with the game right now. Otherwise, keep up the good work guy, very fun game.

There are indicators on the screen edge.


However, they are very hard to see. The indicators need to stand out more

Indeed, I noticed them for the first time very shortly after posting this and felt like a moron. But that only proves the point. The fact that I played for 3 hours and did not notice them means they are clearly not visible enough.