Alternate Shields for Dests

I suggest some variation in deployable shields for destroyers, such similar to those in the images supplied:


The Vertical shield could be a single deployment, meant for longer-term shielding from one specific direction, with about 50,000-75,000 points of shielding.

Same for Horizontal shield.

The Wide shield, or triangle shield, will be just like the others, just wider and meant for more protection, at a greater energy cost per deployment, and more expensive cost in the shop.



Another idea would be to make the shield have multiple “modes” of deployment that could be swapped in combat. So instead of having four shield-ammo types, there would still just be one, but it could be changed to suit the current situation.


An equatorial shield would be super cool too, but it would need some serious balancing with width and protection values.




This looks good. Im thinking on a 2nd missile option to equip, where you select a shape from certain presets (this means you cant change the shape of the static shield ingame). Since its bigger and therefore easier to cover fire, this shields should have bigger energy requirements/less damage protection/higher cooldown than the equivalent amount of static barriers by some amount.