(Almost) Official Bot Removal Poll

It’s that time again, but this time hopefully we can do it right.

PvP has always been in a kind of awkward place in this game, being swayed so easily by the smallest of changes or new things. However, one constant is how god-awful bots are, and how everyone (with scarce exceptions) wants them removed for good.


Intro aside, check out the poll above and cast your vote. We need bots removed from PvP so that we can make it PvP again, not “who has the better bots” roulette.


I would give you 100 likes if I can.
PvP bots are really annoying and useless at the same time

I think some people are confused.

You vote “Yes” to get rid of bots.


It doesn’t make you cool if you vote against everyone else.

I think we need bots, but the bots need some tweaks.

They are often more aggressive on one side and lazy on the other.

They never miss, so the aim needs a random wobble.

The can aim behind them which is nearly impossible for most humans. That needs to be narrowed down to what most pilots can aim. Other than destro I can’t do that effectively.

In sec con its usually more bots on one side than an other and again sometimes they are op asf and other useless.

The reason i say we need them is the game is spread out. It would take 10 times longer to get a match if we remove them. The better approach is to adjust them so they are more reliable and not affect the outcome as much. Making it hard to figure out which ones are bots is kind of shady but I get the psych aspect of why that’s being done.

If bots are to stay, they REALLY should have a delayed reaction time. Having every bot turret aimed at you the moment you open fire is not ok.
And the bot dance really needs to be changed. Makes anything that isn’t lasers or homing pretty much useless beyond 4-5km.

Ellydium bots also need the boot for good.

Bots from skirmish PvP have to go. Simple as that. I don’t care about their lasers, I don’t care about their boost. Bots are not predictable and for example winning in team deathmatch only depends how slow bots are and how long it takes for them to fly to the enemy team. If I want PvP skirmish - it means I want to play with live players against live players. Adding corp tags to the bot doesn’t change that in team deathmatch one bot was killed 11 times. ELEVEN times. Setup was something like fed recon, fed covops and empire ECM. Spawn - fly straight to enemy line, die, respawn, repet. Did I mention it was 3v3 with 5 bots from each side? 2 Enemy bots had 3 laser frigates in the lineup, so THEY were killing that feeder, not even players.


So hell no. I was forced to play this mode because of the event. But NO. I will not participate in something that is supposed to bring some fun and brings only frustration. I really don’t mind bots in VsAI. They are even too weak even for not chipped ships. But screwing up the battle plan in PvP ? If those battles were pure 3v3 PvP they would have some resemblance to normal game. But this? Nope. Not my definition of fun. 

Skirmish pvp needs to lose bots, i agree with that notion.