allowing more active modules to scale with level

so i come to notice that in pve doing lvl 50+ with any ship in public, that is not a recon simply dies too hard by rockets or some random gun of a npc that lightly grazes you. ofc that defense levels are handy but they simply fall off at a certain point. and get one clapped regardless of defenses so heres my solution to allowing more variety of ships than to constantly be forced into a recon using the most broken gun to just survive.

  1. commands. sustained resistances with aegis system or coating polarize for massive boosts for a short time but sad thing is these modules dont scale with pve wich is why they are made completely useless in pve so allow some of these modules to scale with pve power or defense to make them actually usable again. wich in turn gives any other ally more than a single hit to survive now to question whether or not to let valkyrie amp up? im not willing to experiment considering the ludicrous damage the taithaq does

2 destroyers. these meaty ships have alot of shields and hulls, scale well with pve defense but the module health does not (as far as i have seen. allow the modules to be invincible so that they dont get clapped through the shields by some rocket, ruining the fun and enjoyment from playing destroyers. Allow the multiphase to properly scale in resistances to further add the survivability without getting overly ganked by idk 10 ships at really high levels resulting in an instant death.

not to say that the taithaq needs a nerf but come on its clearly obvious that everyone eventually gets bored of using a recon for 99% of carries so allowing ships to surive hits ofc making a recon even more harder to kill is a price to pay to give other ships a chance to survive on euqal terms

Alrighty, forwarded.