Allow to buy EXTRA of same ship...

Sometime we find a ship we really love and we just want stick with it…


I suggest allowing to buy extra ships of same type so we can run 2 or 3 copies of same ship in regular mode.


perhaps for sake of balance it might be limited to 2 copies of same ship?

You should be allowed to run with three copies. Good suggestion.



I agree with this, sometimes you want the same ship but fitted for different roles to bring out for different situations and you can’t do this right now.

I disagree, it’s not in the spirit of regular mode IMO. If you want to keep respawning the same ship there is a mode for it.

It’s not the same ship… well not fitted out at least.


As an example, I want to use my Wolf for Scenarios and I get… Dreadnought Sabotage… WEE!!! My main is configured with heavy lasers, good for taking out emplacements. I’m a happy player.


Next scenario… damn shipyard. Need rapid fires for lots of flying pests… oops, can’t use my main now, it’s lugging a heavy laser around. Pity I can’t have another… which is the exact same thing but with rapid fires installed.


See the point? Same ship but configured for different roles.

Yes please, I’d probably buy all three. Especially if it would come with a discount. :smiley:

Great Idea! I wonder if theres a reason why they didnt make it that way in the first place… 

Good suggestion, +1.

Why not skip it and have multiple templates available in any mode where you can respawn?  It would be nice to have my primary available while testing out some new combo if it isn’t working, but it shouldn’t cost as much as a new ship.

Actually I want three interceptors fitted exactly the same.


The main reason I want this is for the extra proximity mines and missiles you have then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think this is a bad idea. For one it would make regular mode not only far less interesting but borderline ridiculous. As it stands, you need to plan for which ship you want to use first and which to keep as your last as well as deciding on which enemies to target first. If I had 3 of the same ship even with different equipment I wouldn’t really need to think about this. Furthermore when outfitting a ship, you get a limited number of module slots so you have to carefully think about what you put in there that would compliment the ships stats/special ability without sacrificing team support. If I were to have 3 of the same ship I could just easily switch between those but never end up actually doing anything different. As for PVE, I’m sorry but there are so many ships available to you, even if you get the wrong gamemode, you can always outfit a different ship that would suit the other game mode more. Always sticking to the same ship is boring and uninteresting, as is fighting against the same ship over and over.

Allowing this would add a ton of missile/rocket spam. You would not care as much of getting good shoots with them if you had 3 ships worth of ammo.