Allow more ship forwarding missions

If we could get more ship missions that would be great. Maybe they could pile up every day. I just loved putting my unused ships to work and getting so much from it. (Even if it did take days!!)

I know some will disagree and say that this ship contract is better, which it is, but the problem here is that I can only do one at a time. This kinda sucks bc now I have a ton of ships that I’m holding for no reason at all. And I’d sell them but then I’d lose my synergy bonus… There are so many things wrong here.

Might I add, that I would very appreciate, if I could get whole faction reward?


1 faction consists of 2 sub-factions.


If you will still give me just 1, give me the reward, which has LESS loyalty vouchers in my sub-faction.




  • 49500 loyalty vouchers now given to both sub-factions instead of 1 just selected sub-faction (100% reward)

  • if only given 1x49500 loyalty vouchers, we should get loyalty vouchers for a sub-faction, which has LESS loyalty vouchers, than the other one




Thank you!