Allow loyalty vouchers transferred between both factions of the same side of conflict

I’m getting some troubles about loyalty vouchers recently. 


There’s currently more than 900K Legion voucher but only 20K Warden voucher in my account. It looks shocking but it is ture, because I level up some modules using Warden voucher and almost level up none of them using Legions. So the whole thing becomes like that. 


What I suggest is a voucher transfer system. The system aim at banlancing vouchers between brother factions of the same side of conflict. To be more specific, the system works like as following: 


  1. A player can transfer vouchers between brother factions that share the same side of conflict. 


  1. Only factions that have a higher amount of vouchers can be allowed to transfer vouchers to their brother factions. For example, I can only transfer vouchers from Legion to Warden (assuming I keep the vouchers unchanged untill the implementaion of this system). If one day I have Warden vouchers more than Legion, I can then transfer them back to Legion if needed (of course at a cost, will explain below). 


  1. Maximum transferrable amount of loyalty vouchers per transfer process depends on the gap between both brother factions’ vouchers a player currently have. The fomula could be: Maximum transferrable amount of loyalty vouchers per transfer = voucher gap divided by two. 

    Minimum transferrable amount of loyalty vouchers per transfer process is 10000. 


  1. Transfer cost. Normal transfer deduct 33% of the vouchers and transfer the rest of them to the minor party. Which is a 1:0.66 voucher distribute rate for normal transfer. Additionally, you can always choose another option that gives 1:1 distribute rate by paying some GS (e.g. 3 GS per 10000 loyalty voucher being transferred). Which also means that you pay 3GS for every 3333 vouchers that will be lost during normal transfer. 


So, what do you think of this system?

Not going to happen, but you can dream of it.


3 GS for 10000? More like 300 GS with those absurd prices.

If you want 100000 vouchers, get 3000GS ready.


Also, I already suggested what should be done in my thread here:


[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/24780-slightly-revised-loyalty-system-for-mark-iii-upgrade-system/)


Hope for the best, expect the worst.