Allow "local" server in custom battles

As we know, custom battles allow 4 regions to be selected for the creator (South Asia, Russia, Europe and USA…and any of those named): 5 options to choose. Make a 6th where creators can choose to play in local area network (single player) or offline (client), just like how flight training/tutorial works. This would means no other player can join the game, unless its connected directly by local area network (or just make it single player).

I would really love to see this simple feature because i could properly: (1) fly an interceptor (2) with RF blaster/plasma gun/shrapnel cannon (3) and high rotation, for the first time in my life. Im sure other players like RennieAsh would also love this.

inb4 “No.”

The game tries to keep pretty much everything server-side.


I doubt this is something that StarGem plans to make possible at any time, doable or not.

custom doesnt do anything bad to anyone…let Papitas train his interceptor skills :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I would enjoy such a feature, but it would require a decent amount of work and custom battle is not on our priority list.

It’s not a bad idea, but there are too many technical limitations for now. 

Ok, i get theres some work required to make it happen and other priorities. Just look how practice battle used to be (the domination game where you had a T4 ship with mixed mods and weapons vs T1 bots), its a good example imo.

It’s not a bad idea, but there are too many technical limitations for now.

There aren’t normally that much technical limitations normally, but

a)it’s your choice

b)I understand that many other stuff is way higher on the priority list