Alliances in Star Conflict

Alliances in Star Conflict


Over the last while I have been thinking if star conflict had alliances, that would be really cool. So here is my suggestion to them, and how they will work.


An alliance can be created by any corporation CEO, for 7500 GS, and allow up to 3 corporations to be in the alliance at first. The alliance will have a description, a Message of the day just like a corporation would, and the message of the day would be in red text. Alliances would also be similar to a corporation where it has a name and a tag.


For displaying the alliance, players will have the option to enable/disable showing the alliance on their name, as well as the corporation they are in. So if you the corporation wants to not allow them to display the alliance, they can.


Example of player now

Semaphorism [GArc]

With alliance:

Semaphorism [GArc] (CDF)


Alliance Tab

Revamping the corporation window to support the alliance. We would add a new tab onto the corporation window with controls for the alliance.


  • First, the 2 option to change the description and the message of the day for the alliance.
  • Another option would be an invite button, when clicked, you would input the name of the corporation the leader wishes to invite, and it would send a message to the CEO of that corporation, which a button to be able to accept it.
  • Instead of a player list in the alliance tab, there would be a list of corporations, Each corporation listed could be right clicked by any player in the alliance and would have an option “View Players”, and the alliance leader would have an option called “Kick corporation”
  • For corporation leaders, they would each get their own options on the alliance tab such as “Disable listing”, which would allow the leader to stop other alliance corporations from listing players in their corporation. another option would be the obvious one, Leave alliance, it would remove their corporation from the alliance, unless they are the leader of the alliance, which it would have to be owned by someone else to allow leaving it.


The alliance would be maxed out at 12 corporations, costing 5500 gs for every 3 corporation slots they want in the alliance.


Other features allowed with the alliance:

  • One of the corporations in the alliance can capture a sector for the dreadnoughts (Info from the dev blog), and allow the alliance to be inside and protect it with them, and 10% of the materials gained from that sector is split up between all the other corporations in the alliance.
  • The alliance the corporation is in will display under the corporation name and tag on the players profile.



  •  More teamwork between corporations, so if a corporation is smaller or is slightly inactive, an alliance can benefit them by getting help from an ally.
  • Other divisions of corporations can work together easier, an example of this is Gates of Darkness, and their other division, Empire of darkness, instead of needing teamspeak or something to find someone online, they could just goto alliance tab, right click the other corporation, and list players.
  • The game would get a bit more money from creating alliances, and possibly more corporations.
  • It could draw more people to the game, because they know if they join an alliance it is possible to be easier to get a dreadnought.



  • Creating an alliance costs 7500 GS, and starts off with 3 slots for corporations, and 1 is taken up by the corp who created it.
  • Expanding the alliance an additional 3 slots costs 5500 GS.
  • Alliances can work together to defend whoever has a dreadnought.

Additional notes:

  •  I may edit this post a few times, and have a change of details.

Equal suggestions are already known, but there are no plans to add this feature in the near future.

Nah, why does it have to cost? 


Simple invite. 

Nah, why does it have to cost? 


Simple invite. 

Because if it costs, the developers can make money, to help the game out. instead of spending resources to create a feature that is free, it can help them once it’s done.


I have always been for alliances

+1 This really should happen

Nah, why does it have to cost? 


Simple invite. 


If there is a cost and a limit, it’s less likely we end up with a Non-agression-pact (NAP) fest where everyone just leech the ressources but don’t really fight (or end up too strong to dislodge). The devs are also more likely to make the feature if they can get some returns from it.

I support this Idea it would encourage CEO’s and corps to be more participating in alliance events, and more comrade ship between the members, being part of the CDF alliance myself, I would really appreciate to be able to see the rest of the alliance members and chat with them in a inner alliance chat room   

I agree with this idea and feel that it should be implemented. This not only allows people of similar factions to work together towards a goal, but it creates a sense of comradery between players both old and new. Think of the new events that could be created as a result of the alliances. It would be epic.

i don’t think alliance members need the extra tag.

it can be in a tooltip, in the corp info, etc., but not on individuals.

I would love to have additional tag [#YOLO]

Thanks for all the support, so here is what could change:

 - Remove shared resources, or make it a bonus feature somehow.

 - Remove the tag after a players name, the alliance tag that is.

wooooaaaaa aliance for the win!

And i was just about to suggest something like that.



My reasons for the alliance was being able to check up on who from another allied corps is on, to quad up or play vs with, instead of sniffing around TS and ‘follow’ (stalking people).

an alliance system is not planned so this feature too