All-purpose warp function

Because of large distances to travel in Open Space and PvE, I suggest that all ships be given a warp of sorts. It would not function like a conventional warp and would put the user at great risk while in use, but would save lots of time for the pilots in the long-run. I suggest that it be as follows:

A new keybind is added, (G) that activates the warp. Upon activation, a debuff is applied for 5 seconds, then the player is teleported 7,500m in the direction of the crosshairs. During the 5 second preparation, the user cannot move, fire, or use modules, and their resistances are reduced by 75pts. The visual indicator of this warp would be a bright white flash upon start, and then upon warp. The warp core should only be usable every 35 seconds.

Warp lore: “After extensive analysis of alien subsystems, it was found that each crystallid ship had a special module installed that allowed them to open up small wormhole’s through space. Though their energy consumption is off-the-charts, our scientists were still able to outfit them on all modern ships. Instead of opening a large wormhole to travel through, a wormhole is formed around the user’s ship using polarisation energy from their ship’s systems. It temporarily disables the ship, but also allows it to move a great distance very quickly. The scientists are still working on a fix for the warp instability. It is currently not reccomended that you activate the warp-drive while under fire.”

It was already discussed(suggested?) a while ago. For PvE we don’t need that. But for OS it would be way better to jump several sectors instead of just passing x meter.
While you explained the mechanic, it should be more ‘penalizing’ to use it.
A longer CD, longer preparation(aka ‘disabled ship’ duration), but the effect of jumping whole sectors instead of just short distances.
Even if it would be a yellow module(extra for OS) it is okay.
20s+ preparation time(charging the jump device with energy at an accelerated rate) consuming fuel(due energy regeneration). Every sector passed consume 25 fuel or so(instead of the 20 needed for a normal use of a gate).
The exact preparation time is depending on the shipclass(what should be accepted for this? Fighter+? Or only frigates/destroyer?) and its energy regeneration.