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I’m going to break down all of my idea’s via some 100+ posts in this one thread so that everyone can view, or review modifications. through this post i will be introducing a radical change to my idea’s and posting the modifications to the game in modules, or smaller patches, that in time will lead to the ultimate collection and integration into a universe.

Module 1 - Module Balance (pre-universe patch)

Module 1a - Combat

  • Reduce All weapon damage to a max of 200.

  • Max Damage of beams set to 150.

  • Max Damage of Plasma set to 125

  • Max damage of Rail guns set to 200

  • Plasma Max range set to 3,250km (Hailstorm)

  • Beam max range set to 4.250km (Long-range)

  • Rail Gun max range set to 5.550k (stabalized)

  • Rail Gun now has instant travel

  • Rail Gun cool down increased by 2-4 seconds per shot.

  • Plasma holds the role of close range, high rate of fire weapons. Low Cool down.

  • Beams holds the role of mid-range, Damage over time (channeled) No cool down.

  • Rail guns hold the role of long range, high burst damage. High cool down.

  • Frigate Jericho Ability reduced to 6.5k flight distance

  • Empire Sniper gun reduced to 6.5k distance

Module 1a - Survivability

  • Add “Armor” Type of “Hit point bar”

  • Hull Repair modules are now changed to “armor” Repair modules

  • Increase Armor Regeneration from 15-30 points to 2-5% Per second.

  • Resistance Armor, and Resistance shield Modules (passive-Capacitor) Increased to 50 each.

  • Resistance Shield and Armor Mods (Active Module) increased to 165

  • Armor Repair Module now heals ever 3 seconds, for 15 seconds

  • Shield booster Repairs now ever 2 seconds, for 10 seconds

  • 70-100% Regeneration Passive capacitor reduced to 40%-70%

Module 1b Energy

  • Plasma weapons now cost 5-8 Energy per shot

  • Lasers now cost 3-5 energy per second

  • Rail Guns now cost 7-9 Damage per a shot

  • Armor repair cost 95 On activation, 17 second cool down

  • Shield repair costs 65 on activation, 15 second cool down

  • All Resistance Active mods now cost 12 energy per a second to keep active

Module 1c Misc

  • Capacitor slots are now generalized. Players have 5 and can fit any amount (up to 5) of the same module. Stacking the same module reduces the effect by 10% (Two of the same) 20% (Three of the same) 40% (Four of the same) 60% (5 of the same)

Module 2

Module 2 - Universe (Step one)

The universe will consist of solar systems. Each solar system will have planet(s) in it. Each planet will have the ability to be colonized, mined or conquered. This system will become vastly advanced in the trade patch, But at the start of the release it will be basic, a simple conquest feature. Each planet has a map to battle on. all planets are listed on a list along with

  • Option to colonize or settle a colony

  • Status on if its colonized, or owned.

  • Option to attack it, or to enter a battle (for defense)

  • Planets will be conquered by clans before the release of the trade patch.

  • Clans will battle for territory until the universe gets additional patch upgrades to add things like trading, production etc.

  • Clans will be able to select a starting location for the universe starting in three territories each for one race. This will effect the technologies that are buyable on market. further, Each territory will gain a passive bonus to all players in those area’s. They will be as follows

  • Empire: Increased income from selling Ore or Ore by products by 10%

  • Federation: Increased trade income by 15%

  • Jericho Increased income from killing npc’s by 20%

Map of the territories


List Of Conquest Options


Module 2b - Trade And Diplomacy (Patch Two)

From this point the universe has been fought over for some time (likely 1-2 maybe 3 months).

Each planet will have benefits, and or produce specific types of Goods. they are as follows:

Desert World

Moderate Population

Produces: High amounts of metals, gems.

Water World

High population

Produces Water, Oxygen, Food, Alge

Ice World

Moderate-Low Population

Produces: Ice, Uranium

Earthen World

Highest population

Produces: Technologies, Food

Carbon And Methane World

Very Low Population

Produces: Gas

Lava World

very Low Population

Produces: Crystals, Gold, Uranium


Each Clan will have territory, And each clan will have relationships with other clans, they can be friendly to hostile and will be based on a system set in game which will make it clear of that players relation to your corp they will consist as follows

+5 Full Alliance (Dark Blue)

+4 Military Alliance (Blue)

+3 Trade Alliance (Green)

+2 Protectorate (light Green)

+1 Friendly (light green)

0 Neutral (white)

  • 1 none-interaction treaty (yellow)

  • 2 Subjectorate (Golden)

  • 3 disliked (Orange)

  • 4 enemies (light Red)

  • 5 At war (dark red)

Each alliance gains bonus’s, or benefits

+5 Trade And military benefits, Max trade 15% bonus

+4 Military benefits (access to clans stations)

+3 Trade benefits + 25% bonus

+2 Trade access + 5%. Weaker party gives 15% of its income to stronger party

+1 Access to stations for repairs.

0 No benefits

  • 1 Players dont do damage to each other

  • 2 one party surrendered to another, and pays 30% of all income to the stronger body.

  • 3 Players gain + 5% damage to each other

  • 4 players gain + 10% damage to each other

  • 5 Players gain + 15% damage to each other.


planets in this game will provide massive benefits for the clans they will effect the planets production, and in return the planets production will make more goods, which the traders of a clan will go and sell to other systems, effectively increasing the income of the corporation, a simple mechanic that can be added to the game is to make the clans have a clan wallet, and the wallet in return gains 10-15% of what all the stations under that clans control sells (or buys).

what we can do with the mining is have the planets have phases, and upkeep costs that require mining to be done. If the mining is not done, the planets can be developed but only to a specific extent. this will give benefits clans focused on building the planets up, or being more of a trade/pve based clan rather then a pvp one.

An idea of how to make this work

level 1 planet 5% Production bonus > Requires X minerals per day

level 2 planet 15% Production bonus > Requires X minerals per day

level 3 planet 30 % Production bonus > Requires X minerals per day

level 4 planet 50 % production bonus > Requires X Minerals per day

level 5 Planet 100% production bonus > Requires X minerals per day

as you level the planet, so levels the upkeep and attention of the players required. this will cause the planets to have high value and potentially be targets for conquerers.

another mechanic that can be added is some sort of income from the planets per a week.

Patch Three - Expansive game

At this point the game will likely everything will have its foundation and various things will just need to be upgraded, lets take a look at a few things that will arise that needs to be added to the game in sub sections, possibly even sub-patches.

Clan related upgrades that are needed


Hanger access controls

additional ranks

Players have corporate history.

clan related mechanics improved : Things like adding upgrades to clan defenses, beacons that defend planets etc.

upgrades to stations

Corporate mailing system.

Mailing System

Mailing System

Market and market changes

undoubtedly by this time the game will need a market. This market will be similar to eve, but not nearly as complex. Since the game will have vendors in each station to build modules, there will be no need for such things to be on the market. Further, since the planets will auto-produce trade goods from the planet’s onto the stations at an hourly rate, there will be no need for the market to have or add anything trade related (out side of player created items or ships).

the trading market will be in another tab, separate from the market - auction house system. So really the only thing that will be on the Market (auction house) will be player created items. This brings us to the next step of the phase regarding production.


Production will work on the following principle. Players will acquire plans through some means. Initially I was thinking drops from looting at the end of victory matches, however i have also considered adding the plans on the GS Market. this would not give a direct advantage to players, it would only be the plans to making a heavy laser for example, However because they have bought this there lays with them the possibility of turning it into something Good (indirect benefit). The way that i have seen the production system working is as follows

Player acquires plan

Player acquires parts from a vendor in stations (not every station is the same, and the parts for items are dependent on the space of the race they are in. for example, if Jericho are a beam race, you will find parts for a beam weapon in their stations, and not in say an empire station).

Player creates the item starting at 50 or 75% of the stats in the plan. As the player makes it more and more, the quality improves, up to 150-200% of its base stats, and will work something like this

60-80% (Grey) poor quality Item made 1-10 times

80-100% (White) Common quality > Item made 10-20 times

110-129% (Light green) Above average quality > Item made 20-30 times

130-149% (Blue) Exceptional Quality > Item made 50-75 times

150-170% (Purple) Experimental Quality. > Item made at least 100 times

This way it will work out that it will cost 10-20 million to learn how to make a experimental quality item.

the effect should not be 100% on this bases, but these bases should require that amount of production.

The item creation should break down like this via its possible percentage

Poor: 0% (if at 100 + times)

Common 1-5% (if 100+ times)

Above average 60-70% (if above 100 times)

Exceptional 10-15% (If above 100 times)

experimental 5-10% (if above 100 times)

This way production remains balanced any everyone is not running around in experimental items, however such items have a great amount of value on the market.

(More Coming Soon need a break)


New universal map

And new system concept


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