All factions event

It’s just a crazy idea, i don’t know if feasible

It’s a type of pvp event with all factions in game

A big sleeping precursor dreadnought in the middle of a map, two or three camps fight for the ship (that sound funny) that an idea i was yesterday :

1st phase: destroy protections consistent with automated turrets, mines and fighters scattered around the map. From there you can either help your enemies to go faster (because there will be a counter) or shoot them.

Second phase: to tackle the battleship itself by destroying the turrets and then hacking the various positions of command.

Third phase: the pure escort is simple, the vessel did more weapons he just the shell for protection and you still have a lot of enemies to kill before returning him safely to your camp. When this phase is launched the precursor vessel belongs to a faction, to avoid this adverse drivers are instructed not to let the enemy capture technology inside.

Hoping to have been clear is proposed an original idea :012j:

Nice idea for an event;) We will see in future if we can do something about this.

Thank’s for the comment ! And of course all players who have or ideas to improve it are welcome to express themselves :fed_lol:

Hey, the last news about Dreadnought remind me this event, if someone already try this can he tell me if it’s finally a good idea ? :slight_smile:

Ps: I’ve been away a long time, because when I wanted to update the game it cut my internet connection ^^"