All black with hud/game working

Today i had this problem a couple of time, in two different game session. It’s the first time i see that, in the previous test day i haven’t see problem like this.



Apparently, it’s a random bug, because the game has worked with no problem for various battle, and the battle where i “find” the problem was started several minutes before.

The game was quite regular, but suddenly, the screen has become black, but not all… the hud continued to work, and also all the game… i’ve try to fire, to use an active module, etc and the game respond correctly… but in black :ph34r:

I’ve try a “workaround” pressing alt+tab to return to windows destop, then returning to SC (already open) and all has returned to work, and i’ve continued the battle with no problem.

At the moment of this 2 screenshots, i played with fraps open (i use it for checking the fps) and i’ve try to close, to avoid problems if the cause was of Fraps, but also with fraps closed, i’ve see the bug another time.

If i find more infos, or the bug appears again, i post here :012j:

Yes, this also happened while I were Playing.

I couldn’t to see nothing but the game was working normally. B)

Does this bug repeat after the last update?

It happened to me earlier today, so yes.

drivers updated? or perhaps issues with laters screen card driver


My drivers are up to date, my Graphics card is a Radeon HD6850 if that’s of any help…

The few times this has happened to me, It seemed as though it were caused by my crashing my ship into objects (capture points, asteroids, etc.) could be coincidence if no one else is making the connection

any nvidia card owners having this issue?

any nvidia card owners having this issue?

Note me.

Everything went black except location indicators could not see weapons firing.

[user_config.xml](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=2331)


Sorry no screenshot I tried. Everything went black except location indicators could not see weapons firing.

Merged the Topics since it is the same issue.

I had the same problem

never had this, mine is NVidia GT440 ddr3 1GB.

as i remember: you cannot fight something you cannot see :slight_smile:

i’ve got an ati mobility radeon 5650 1 gb (the most up to date drivers you can get) and the same bug occured just a few minutes ago…

during a battle i rammed a bot frigate which as a result of the crash exploded and the screen turned black…

there was one more time when i was at a team speak server with the team speak overlay activated and fighting and the screen also turned black…this time i was sniping in a frigate

AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series, It also happens to me sometimes :slight_smile:

it happened to me too after this last update HD5770

Same problem here I crashed into a wall and all my screen went like the picture shows above. Using ati radeon hd x5870 1GB DDR5 if that is any use to you

that could be some bug with “sparks” effects, like, when u take fire or crash…

This same bug occurred to me last night, as well. I had already died and was following another player at the time; I don’t recall anything in particular that might have happened to trigger it. I escaped back out to the overhead view of the battle and then re-followed someone and it remained black.

Edit: And just reoccurred, this time while I was still playing. Nothing in particular happened, I was hunkered down behind some large debris waiting for shields to regen and it just blacked out.