All black with hud/game working

I’ve had this problem too, but i’ve managed to solve it :blink:

I’ve just set the graphics quality to low, than back to high. I hope this “workaround” will help. :wink:

I’m using 2 MSI R5770 HAWK’s in Crossfire with Catalyst 12.1 + CAP 12.2. So maybe this only works with AMD cards.

I can attest to the above; someone suggested it mid-match when I blacked out and it worked like a charm.

For the record, when this happens the overhead map view when you get killed is also completely black except for HUD elements.

It was me :002j:

That was a good match BTW… 5 kills, 5 assists and 1 capture. And as i said, i’ve got the black screen about 5 seconds after the match started. :slight_smile:

Might as well chime in, I had this happen to me the other day, middle of the match, only happened once so far. AMD HD5870 with latest drivers on the current version of SC.

I fixed it by turning down the AA settings a notch, then back up later.

Happened to me as well yesterday. Also using a Radeon 6850. Guess it’s an ATI issue.

In uncommon instances (about once every 5-10 games) the game world will stop rendering on screen and become completely black. UI still displays and I can still play as per normal but I won’t be able to see anything until I go into th menu’s, change them, and hit apply.

Cause of this is unknown, I’ve never gotten an error however I’m using Windows 7, 64bit on a AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series.

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I’ve just had the same issue with the black screen.

I’ve been in a few games and everything was working fine, however while dog-fighting I flew between two structures, narrowly making it through. The problem occurred during the transition between the two structures, when the screen went completely black, including the battle map (via TAB) and follow mode after my destruction. Interestingly once the match was finalised the graphics came back so you could see the remaining bots fighting, with the hangar also being visible. I’m wondering if in my case the bug occurred due to my flying too close to a structure and so technically seeing within the structure…with the graphics then not reverting back as they should?

Hope this is helpful

Every time i crash into someone or crash into something all the screen goes black and can only see enemy ships and can not see where you are going.

Nore does print screen feature work to print this. Any idea when this bug will be fixed

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(While its fresh in my head)

I reduced some of my graphical settings and I didn’t encounter the black-out issue again in any of my further matches, over the length of the evening (numerous matches). Once I’m back from the office I’ll pass on my changes for anyone who’s also experiencing the issue to try…see if it helps out.

Right, my ‘fix’ didn’t work as I got a black screen again. However when I did get the black screen mid match I pressed Escape, Tabbed out for a few seconds before tabbing back in and the screen was back to normal…interesting!

Well it seems this bug is related to some grafic cards or grafic drivers. Hope we will find a solution for that so that you can enjoy the game without this issue.

Had this problem a few times already. Quickly alt-tabbing (back to desktop, back to game) solves it, but its still a bit annoying. Especially when rockets are flying at you ^^ Playing on Radeon HD7850.

New version still doing it and even not bashing into things happening more frequent when flying around alt tabbing out making no diff am having to restart game.

Same problem happend few days ago, after maybe 2 weeks of playing while i was in spectator mode… :stuck_out_tongue: ATI 6870

I had the same problem a few times, it helped to switch to another program using the ALT + TAB and return. ATI 5670

Happened to me today again, but I just alt+tab then it works. Radeon HD6770.

It’ll black out when I’m flying through clear space sometimes, not only when crashing.

any nvidia card owners having this issue?

Ya I’m having issues with my Nvidia. Hopefully it works now.

this could be some bugs with “sprite” effects

PS: Never had it