Alien Sympathizers [PEACE] Demand you Stop Hunting Aliens!

Dear Bounty Hunters, Alien Hunters, Deviants, Artifact Collectors, Proclaimers of “Self Defense,” 

and to those who wish harm to our alien brethren;


I am, as discussed in the following half of this sentence, an Ambassador for the Aliens. We are the Alien Sympathizers. Our goal is clear and just:


To protect and serve our Alien allies.





Now I know what you’re thinking, "Hey buddy, who do you think you are just charging in here, spilling my drink, standing on the table, and just proclaiming yourself an Alien?" And to you, my dear friend, I say that I did not claim myself to be an Alien. That is just silly, for I am obviously a human. A human with the dream that one day Aliens and Humans can coexist peacefully in the same sector. For what reason has justified the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Alien refugees? At what cost does mercilessly wiping an entire species out of our sector accomplish? The answer to that is directly inherit to how much money you put into the game, but nonetheless!


I come here today seeking those among you who support this cause, to end the bloodshed. Together we can achieve an era of peace that this quadrant has never seen the likes of in history!


Ironically that means ruthlessly slaughtering any humans who stand opposed to this philosophy. So in all regards, that leaves little option for a peanut-gallery. The time is now!




Alien Sympathizers

Destroy Those who Oppose Peace!

“When there is another opinion on the matter, simply remove it, and yours will be right.” -Our Master


Person of Contact: Birmanator




Q. - What kind of Corporation are you?

A. - Essentially we are not a corporation. We are servants. We are a collection of humans with the common belief that all Aliens should be treated equally and have the same inherent rights that humans have.


Q. - So do you do PVP, PVE, Sector Conquest?

A. - Wherever our crusades of justice take us, we shall be. The goal of this collection of people is entirely up to said people. In time, players shall run the corp as if it were their own. Literally. I don’t plan on doing this forever. Help me.


Q. _- _I don’t get it. Okay, so what exactly is the point of this corporation?

A. - Exactly.


Q. - Let me get this straight. I join, then-

A. - Whatever you want. Squad up, enjoy yourself, go solo (Not Han Solo. That’s trademarked.) After about a week you will begin inducted into the Alien hive mind Corporation as a full fledged supporter and will be welcome with open arms! Play Invasion or Sector Conquest? Well aren’t you just out of luck No problem! Join in and have a blast with our depressingly few many members!


Q. - Are you serious?

A. - 100%. We stand by our cause, and will lay down our lives to prove it. Our overlords The Aliens would not take too kindly to us standing idle while thousands are slaughtered daily.


Long live the hive

Peace to us all.


We are watching. We are waiting. This sector will soon be ours.





This has to be just about the best corp intro ever. XD

Greetings from The United Front! We wish you the best! (Or not, you alien loving scum :P)

Woah, that is a good intro. I give you a sweet roll for that. 


Greetings from NASA! 


“Through battle, let our feelings and ambitions take place, as that is the only way you can truly communicate with one another.”  - Officer JP

Barking at you from the Dogs of War. We will see you in battle and hopefully aliens show up in PvP. Then we will kill them and make you our slaves.

welcome to the conflict good luck and good hunting ergg I mean saving or loving or well you know what I am saying good luck see you in space.

 For what reason has justified the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Alien refugees? At what cost does mercilessly wiping an entire species out of our sector accomplish? 

They said my mama is fat

Hello and welcome to the jungle! Here at the Wolfpack we are all in for racial rights for all the sentient beings in the universe.


They have the right to be our targets!!


So I don’t care what, why or for who you fight. If you are in the enemy team, you are just another target.


Good luck with your crusade and beware of alien probes and tentacles!

“In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man as modest stillness and humility; but when the blast of war blows in our ears, then imitate the action of the tiger; stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood, disguise fair nature with hard-favor’d rage.” 
-William Shakespeare, Henry V

Can I join and still hunt aliens, you know, they abducted my sister. :fed001:

Can I join and still hunt aliens, you know, they abducted my sister. :fed001:


You’re making this too easy. 

You’re making this too easy. 


I watched too much X-files :fed014:

Good luck Warp with your corp.

New products on the black market:


Today’s specialty:


alien Biomorph’s noodles

alien Biomorph’s ball sack

alien Biomorph’s tentacles

alien Biomporph’s slime sauce

alien Biomorph’s skull cup



more to come… later


Beware, those items are not meant for human consumption.

Anyway, if you can eat them, you get a new title, “Consumer of Biomorphs”.


Delivered by Wolfpack Alien Hunter party.



P.S.:Any alien sympathizers will be shot on sight!

Peace peace~ 



Welcome to the game, Alien Sympathizers and peace to you too!

Welcome “infected” ones! G’luck, have fun :slight_smile:


+++USERID: [unid_error_unknown]+++

+++PASSWORD: *************+++








The Emperor has been advised of a new threat arising in Precursor Space; the so-called “PEACE” initiative. He has ordered the Wardens to deploy members of the Clandestine Order to investigate this potential new threat and assess their strengths, disposition, intelligence, intent and capabilities.


Be advised, agents of the PEACE initiative are believed to be under the influence of Biomorphs. Extreme caution advised. Infiltration by disposable proxy only; Warden intelligence networks and security must not be placed in jeopardy by the possible conversion of agents.


Field units are advised to engage and destroy PEACE corp elements on sight. For those seeking to avoid political entanglements, mercenary contracts can be acquired from the usual dummy agencies.


May the Emperor watch over you,

As we watch over him.






~connection lost~




So, alien sympathisers, huh? I guess it takes all sorts to make a universe.


I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield! I’ll be watching your Corp’s progress very, very closely…

Peace between humans and aliens? only if aliens share technology.

Thanks for all the… er. “Kind,” welcomings. I hope to see you all on the field c:

We shall not be inflicted by “Peace”!!  You will be thrown to the Dogs!!



Welcome to the conflict :fed012:  …  I’ll be looking for you :fed013: