Alien ship models - more variety?

So we all know that Cybers fly Katanas and we also know that the regular Biomorph ship is modelled off a converted Katana, which would make sense since Cybers are the ones best known for venturing the furthest in space. What we also know is that cartel transports, pirate ships… And maybe even other mercenaries, who knows. What about those guys? Do they just stick to sectors in house?


It looks very linear. But I’ve posted this in visuals because it’s more of a cosmetic suggestion. It’d be pretty cool to see ships like a version of the infected Deimos or an infected Wolf. Also with the addition of infected Inquisitors to the tougher Biomorph ships, could we also have an infected Grizzly?


Or just… other infected ships than just the Jericho ones? If there’s a strict reason it’s cool, they all die pretty fast anyway. Except for Scouts and Predators. I hate those things.


But who doesn’t.


Apparently Jericho likes aliens more… as evidenced by the cybers joining teams XD