Alien-killer ammo in packages

I suggest adding random drops of alien “resonating” ammo to the Adventure Pack. It would be a nice surprise to get one or two every week.

Also, premium licence drops should be a thing, but I’m not sure how you would go about adding them.

Why bother. Make them craftable like duplicator.

That would be fine too.

I think adding teasers of this ammo would be a good idea. I understand they want to make money on it but many people are still skeptical about how effective it is. I still refuse to pay 200GS just to test it out. A free one here and there might persuade me to actually buy one.

They could also make the recipe cost GS, one time fee for unlimited crafting. Some people may not like this idea but it ensures they make money. If spatial scanner costed 200GS per use would anyone buy it? I would be more willing to spend a few K GS and not have to worry about turning auto-ammo replenish on and off.