Alien Drone [Missile]

Lore: “It has been quite some time since the Invasion began. The aliens spread across our sectors like some sort of virus. Though, we now know that they aren’t just a virus. They are a legend. A story. They are just like us. We would call them savage, or a scourge, or beasts, but we are no better. We attack, we fight, we conquer. And now is our time to prove which race deserves to live, and which should be destroyed. A research ship left our station to attempt to hack in to an alien beacon. He succeeded. This isn’t a very unusual happenstance, but this time it rendered something besides troves of useless data and garbled nonsense. It rendered a code. A very simple code. The alien’s AI code. We could use it to guide their systems and take control of their weapons. It was something like a miracle. The same little ECM pilot ventured out once again, but this time carrying a modified System Hack module. He stealthily approached a lone Hunter that had broken away from it’s pack, and activated the module. He had taken complete control over the alien’s attack drones and quickly brought them back to the station. It was something not seen but once before, when an old Captain Dark Fox manually hacked in to their systems and took control of them. Though his trials were unstable, and the drones quickly deteriorated under the stress of his wireless tether. This new code, though, allowed us to see in to their biology and their mechanism of life. We could reproduce them, crate them, control them, and even fight alongside them. It was a revolution. Their capability for destruction was immense. The only thing left to do was to sell the new found weapons to the other factions.”

Just because you can actually take control of alien drones in Open Space, I suggest that you be able to do more with them, but legitimately.

Name: Alien Drone

Type: Missile-Slot Ammunition

Ranks: 7-15

Damage: 500 EM

RoF: 60 rounds/min.

Projectile speed: 2,000m/s

Recharge: 15s

Charges in cartridge: 6

Cartridge reloading time: 120s

Maximum drone capacity: 6

Tooltip: Releases a captured alien drone with 2,250 hull strength, that pursues and attacks your current target within a 7,500m range.

Name: Alien Torpedo

Type: Missile-Slot Ammunition

Ranks: 9-15

Damage: 25,000 EM

Recharge: 8s

Explosion radius: 750m

Flight range: 10,000m

Flight speed: 450m/s

Charges in cartridge: 3

Cartridge reloading time: 120s

Tooltip: Launches a massive missile with 9,500 hull points that deals heavy EM damage in a large radius. Pilots may lock on to it and destroy it in flight.

The idea revolves around the fact that you can capture alien drones and missiles with ECM ships for use of your own. The drones would be like “beginner drones” that don’t deal much damage, but can be deployed en masse.

If you haven’t tried capturing drones I highly recommend it. Especially around the Elite Hunter.

The alien missile is essentially just an Alien Destroyer missile that it deploys to take down your stations. They can be locked on to and taken down by pilots. But have heavy hulls. They are also shown on radar so that fixes any balance issues.


Because the idea is so perfect.

WTH! Other crazy ideas from the crazy fox! These ideas are…

okay. But to note:

Alien Torpedo

deal thermal damage(if you refer to the specops destroyer’s ones).

Second they fly only about ~300m/s.

Third they should take 15s recharge time.

To a degree they seem to avoid obstacles - or the devs have make a ‘flymap’ for them as they avoid massives structures(okay they bomb asteroids, but those explode unlike real structures).

Oh when does the untold hero will hack/capture/whatever hunter/predators/transform transporter into Xenon Ks?

Is your idea generator now aimed to alien stuff, Fox?

Is your idea generator now aimed to alien stuff, Fox?

Your reply can be a bad omen, reputation or just be a notice of him. o.o

This time the ideas are okay aren’t they?