Aiming/Piloting discussion

I’m fairly new to the game (though fairly familiar with the gameplay style as I have played X3) and wanting to know other peoples comments about the aiming piloting system.


I’m mainly wanting to discuss what _you _think about the piloting/aiming system and how you’ve decided to play the game in that sense. I personally believe the piloting/aiming mechanic is very clunky and needs quite a bit of work. I believe by limiting the rotation of the guns on the ship to about 45 degrees would add quite a different playstyle from what most people are doing.


Like I said before, I’m mainly just wanting to see how the other folks are adjusting to the playstyle.

I like this system, and the angle of cannon is good, less the 360° rotation granted by the basic control.

I think the game controls are pretty good. One thing I found useful was changing the keybinds around, so that you could rotate your ship without having to move the cursor. Quite useful for heavy class weapons.