AFK Macro user sitting on a map everyday, all week!

Are you guys aware of the person lscaeam from the Frost Corporation on the Blackwood Shipyard. I have been away for a week and he is still there! His karma is close to 4m now. Didn’t know this kind of thing was allowed! If not how do I report this behaviour? He has some sort of an alien gun(with no heating?!), on his sword-s commander ship sitting at the side shooting at the Guard AI as as soon as they spawn in killing 9 at one go. I actively play on that node since someone tipped me of the place in my stream (for easy experience and loot since they don’t attack you back), I am relatively new(well been a while since I was last online) and only thing I can do is sit there in front of the guy with a frigate to prevent him shooting. Can I no longer report somebody? Chat can’t be used now apparently. But I added him on my block list to track. What else can I do? I have been thinking of getting a guard shooting the empire ships to bring them in close so he shoots them. What should I do, he is there day and night. IGN: I(i)olaus, message me for ideas, ty.