Advertisement Idea: 2 Million Views in less than 2 days.

Star Conflict,


As you know I am a big fan of your game and would love to see more players sign up. One of my big concerns is the US player base could be much bigger. Suggestion for you:


Reach out to: (Videogamedunkey)


Suggest that he makes a video of star conflict.  Regardless if its good or bad there will be 2 million unique views of star conflict.  Especially if it is positive you could be getting alot more players checking out the game.


Possibly there could be a financial arrangement before and after video : (remember 1million views equals around 1000 dollars)   (after: to possibly ensure a positive light on the game.)



Side note if you watch any of his video’s you will quickly realize that if he is doing something in the game that is Over powered he becomes a big fan quickly as seen in this video.  


So give his an account a destroyer that only plays in T2.  :)


Note:  the google cost per click (cpc) is around $1 - $2 depending on how much you budget per month.  Getting 2 million views in 2 days would be more than almost any company would pay.

This would work but I don’t know if the devs will do it. 

haha yeah he is funny! :stuck_out_tongue:

he would be nice for advertisement

or freddiew and node

or jackfrags and the crew

or frankie

or …


youtube advertisement would be indeed a nice viral step :slight_smile:


however to be honest, with the current model, actually youtube streamers will not get rollin’ much, as many of them review games without a locked progression, so without the experience of squads&corp&teamplay, its going to be hard to convince (see node/freddie reviewing games like chivalry or similar, where they team up; its quite hard to imagine in SC)

and for many youtube artists, having secondary source material is important, which kinda is only evolving slowly for us (but you are a nice candidate of having something to show)


so if any of the big ones would review the game, it probably would also need them to be interested in it :slight_smile:

dunkey is great, i love this idea :smiley:

So was this ignored ?