Add the option to salvage a ship part or evolution item for a small amount of Iridium!




I recommend that Ellydium ship parts and ‘Evolution’ items can also get salvaged, instead of just being sold or stuck in the Mailbox, until they are destroyed.

This applies for all the ship parts of Tai’Kin, Waz’Got, etc.


Salvaging cost for one Ellydium ship part is 20 Iridium.

Salvaging cost for one Ellydium ‘Evolution’ item is 10 Iridium.


Item that is consumed in the process, gives you Iridium.

Salvaging is done manually by the user, so it’s optional.

Number of salvaging attempts is unlimited.

‘Salvage’ option should be added back for such items in the Armory.


This suggestion is meant to be used in conjunction with this one!



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