add range indicator for all players in a group, listed on the HUD

I create/join a group of 2 - 4 people in a squad.


I am a Healing Engineer or Command and my status is listed on the left side of the screen.

Player 2 status bar is listed on the left side of the screen.

Player 3 status bar is listed on the left side of the screen.

Player 4 status bar is listed on the left side of the screen.


This should only apply for Healing Engineers and Command class ships.


In case that I am support ship, I need to know, when and who is close or closer to me, and this is vital for any Veteran or Pro Engineer players.

It can mean the difference between the victory and defeat sometimes.


Pressing V, to toggle all targets is confusing and ineffective, especially in the heat of battle.


I am proposing that you add the proximity meter/range added for each player , which may help support ships to know, when or where to activate certain heals or buffs.

Once you’re in that area (proximity), the indicator color could be changed, so if you don’t pay attention, you will at least know, that some of the players in a group are in your Aura area of effect.


Example : (from my own perspective) on the main HUD

I am the Engineering class ship and both nano-drone cloud and mass shield modules have the same range.


4 men squad:


Koromac    [ESB] (not needed to display) Blue or Cyan Skull icon - selected Captain - optional , for Combat Recon mode only

LudwigHR  [iGoDi]

3125 m

Kurdi          [WPK]

3100 m

Ravendark [OWL]

2500 m


Imagine, that some of my own players might have just crossed 3100 m range (mark 4), one time heal buff effect in the emergency, because of a few meters. so they didn’t receive it in the heat of battle.

With this adjustment, it may be much easier to know, when to act, without any lost focus or attention. Small distractions can sometimes be enough.

As you can see, blue color indicates that the target in your squad is in range to receive heals or buffs.

In the other case, we can see that red color means that the target is outside of range, to receive them.


Optional :

I am also requesting, that in Combat Recon matches, the selected/chosen Captain also gets the Blue Skull icon on the left side of the screen.

Apply the same rule, which can be checked or un-checked under game options by choice on the rest of the markers shown here.



Let me know your comments below.

Don’t forget to vote!




Sincerely,  Koromac

We can have the option to check for those options in visual HUD, under game settings.

It would definitely be an improvement. Small, but important one.



pressing x or v and ctrl to look aroung and look for your squaddies… its a game for humans, not octopussies.


but that means coding specially for command and engies… still it would be really great to have that feature… really.

With the current messed up healing, this is a great idea. Totally in support!

I agree.  It would be a nice addition.  Of course an optional feature, which is toggleable in the HUD settings (for those that don’t play support ships or don’t want their screen too cluttered).

It is already kinda easy to see if your squadmates are in range for your heals, don’t even have to Freelook/look around for that.

i just use my eyes but this could be a nice addition for newer players if it is toggable in settings

They should do this, just to promote and ease the use of Support classes a bit better.