Add pre-moderation to all subforums

Because of the completely non-obstructive decision of the devs to add pre-moderation to the suggestions subforums, I suggest that this same “feature” be added to all other subforums as well, just to give the suggestion box a chance to see the light of the front page before getting pushed in to oblivion by other posts. Having pre-moderation with so few active moderators, (or moderators that are actually viewing the pre-moderated posts,) makes it so that suggestions posted are often not even shown on the front page because their time of post was before that of other topics.

For instance, a topic posted here may be under pre-moderation for 24 hours. In that 24 hours, 5 other topics were posted. Once the post is approved, it is automatically placed at the bottom of the most recent topics list never to be seen. (Except by aubforum grazers that may or may not happen upon them in passing.)


The example applies heavily just before a news burst where 5-7 different news topics and discussions are posted at once.

If i got that right, the issue is mainly because users haven’t been approved for forum yet posting frantically, thus, this issue appears.