Add option to exclude regions from game search.

I don’t want to start another discussion about connections servers, etc. I would just want method to be sure that player won’t end on server that’s not convenient to him.

It can be done very simple:


[ ]RU

[ ]EU

[ ]NA

[ ]SEA

[ ]ANY

Just tick the box and this server will be included in search. 

I would leave the option to select preferred server as well. In this case the preferred server will be selected if there are multiple games available.

*watches as everyone excludes RU so that they have nobody to farm on any more*

I love it. +99999

And I’ve never heard of “ANY” region. Xp

Was suggested, remember Doomb0t saying that they’re looking into it or something similar.

That would be epic!

When I get stuffed on Russia or South East Asia I just normally shut the game down an go do something else, unplayable most of the time.